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Accessories Water Bottle Cages

Side entry, right-left specific water bottle cages aren't new, but there are few options that are light and deliver highly effective bottle retention while being used. Enter the Clutch Side Entry Bottle Cage from Blackburn. Clearly borrowing heavily from the design of the popular Cinch Carbon Cage, the Clutch relies on the strength, resilience and flexible manufacturing capabilities of UD carbon fiber. At 22 grams per cage, this top performing side-entry design is exceptionally lightweight and rated road gravel and mountain use.

This high-end cage is designed to accommodate any smaller and/or full suspension frames where standard cages fit fine- unless you want to slide a bottle in and out! Slotted bolt holes allow for finely tuned adjustments, so it's easy to set up for your needs, and to pull your bottle out no matter the shape or size of your favorite steed. The Clutch Cage is available in right and left entry styles. If you only need one, choose the entry side for the hand that you are most comfortable reaching down with while riding. If you plan to mount side loaders on both downtube and seattube, and want entry from one side, order one of each side so that the downtube cage's opening is again on the correct side.

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  • UD carbon fiber side-loading bottle cage built to handle all cycling activities, including mountain biking
  • Available in Right or Left side-entry options
  • Minimal, though strong and resilient carbon fiber shapes with ideal entry/exit angles and great bottle retention.
  • Slotted bolt holes allow for 30mm of vertical adjustment for the perfect installation of your cages
  • Options: Right side-entry, Left side-entry
  • Finish: UD Matte
  • Weight: 22 grams
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