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Blackburn Mountain Combo Splash Board Fender

Sometimes the simplest solutions are best. Not all bikes have reasonable or effective integrated fender mount options, and those that do are often fixed mount- not quick and easy to remove. Blackburn Designs offers the Mountain Splash Fender Combo for those who need a fender set they can install and remove easily without any need from frame bosses. The Combo is a simple way to get the splash coverage you require for a mountain, gravel, or bikepacking set-up.

While the designs of both front and rear units have changed slightly over the years to improve fit and effectiveness, the essentials are still in place. A downtube mounted splash guard for the front wheel, and a simple clamp-on rear fender designed for seatposts that has an adjustable pivot so you can achieve the best angle for coverage. Both have increased in coverage as wheel and tires sizes on many bikes have grown larger.

Lightweight and cost effective, the Combo is easy to use, tool free. The front guard mounts under the downtube with two silicone straps and has soft, grippy silicone zones that rest against the bottom the downtube- even if shapes vary, reducing risk of scratching and helping to to prevent movement as you bounce along. It is effective for the spray that comes up from the lower, rear of the front wheel. The rear mount is improved with a soft but effective strap and block system that keeps the fender vertically and horizontally stable. The angle adjustment is independent of the mount and uses a textured thumbscrew design for easy angle setting and adjustment. The durable plastic used for both guards is durable, light, and easily cleaned. The set weighs in at just 12 ounces, but delivers the coverage and flexibility you require.


  • Splash guard and fender combo with tool free installation and use, ideal for MTB, gravel, touring/bikepacking or any bike that doesn't have fender/utility mounts
  • Front Splash guard mounts under downtube at headtube, rear fender mounts on seatpost
  • Lightweight, shaped and formed plastic is durable and easy to clean
  • Simple strap mounting systems that take into account frame and seatpost surfaces
  • Rear features independent angle adjustment system
  • Seatpost mount accommodates 22.2 - 34.9mm diameter posts
  • Front guard dimensions: 12" long by 3.5" wide
  • Rear fender dimensions: 21.5" long by 3.25" wide
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 12oz