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Blackburn Mountain Rear Splash Board Fender

The Mountain Rear Splash Board Fender from Blackburn clips directly onto virtually any size seatpost (22-35mm), has an angle adjustment feature and covers out 23" from the seatpost placement. This formed plastic fender will work with most bike styles and wheel sizes from 26-29". It is possible that frame angles/size, chainstay length and tire size may impact coverage for some 29er bikes, but for all of the models we were able to test, the Mountain Rear Splash Board Fender got the job done. With a width of 3.5" closest to the bike, the fender catches the lightest water and the heaviest mud

The functional key to the Mountain Splash is the seatpost clamp, which is independent (though right next to) the angle adjustment. A narrow-profile hinged clamp, with rubber inserts for sizing and grip, closes into the adjusting knob. Set-up and installation is simple. Start by clamping around the post and loosely tighten. You can set the optimal on the post and the preliminary fender extension angle, then tighten the post knob. Now you can finalize the fender angle and tighten the adjustment knob- again by hand. No tools required. Our recommendation is to tighten then see how well the fender stays up, then tighten as needed. If you over-tighten right from the start, you may compress the plastic too much, making it difficult to adjust further. And that is it. Get the coverage you need from this rear fender from Blackburn.


  • Adjustable angle, seatpost mounted rear fender
  • Works with 26"-700c wheels, and most 29ers
  • Secure, tool-free mount fits 22.2mm-34.9mm seatposts
  • Full width protection from mud and water
  • Molded plastic is durable and lightweight, easy to clean
  • Full length: 23", fender extension length 18.5", with 3.5" max width
  • Seatpost mount and angle adjustment have separate knobs
  • Color: Black