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Mountain Tubeless Repair Kits

The Blackburn Blackburn Pro Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Tool was developed as quick, one-shot tire plugging system for tubeless tires. Deploys in seconds to give a permanent fix for your flat. Mount the unit it to your frame, tape it to your top tube, or strap it to your ankle like a shark knife. Just keep it close and it'll get you out of trouble with a process that takes seconds, not minutes.

The tool is a self contained unit. The tool end slides into a protective cylinder. You can have a rope plug preloaded. With the tool handle you have storage for more plugs. Both pieces for the tool assembly have o-ring seals to keep out the elements. Blackburn provides a mounting holster, which can be secured wherever via wide Velcro strap. 10 plugs are included when you buy the tool, and replacement are readily available and inexpensive. Now you can easily save your ride and tubeless tire with help from Blackburn.

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  • Quick, one-shot tire plugging system / tool for tubeless tires
  • Deploys in seconds to give a permanent fix for your flat
  • Make it faster by preloading a plug before you ride
  • A quarter turn is all that required after insertion to release the plug from the tool
  • Easy to mount, carry, or store anywhere
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1.25" round
  • Includes: Tool, Holster/Strap, 10 plugs
  • Weight: 27 grams
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