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The Camelbak Crux hydration system carries new options and shapes, with standard and lumber versions of the reservoir and drinking system. As such, Camelbak has conceived a new cleaning kit equipped with a folding drying hanger and specific brushes best suited to the Crux designs. The hydration pack experts include two of their Reservoir Cleaning Tabs so you can quickly and properly sanitize your system as you clean it, ensuring it will bacteria, odor, and taste free, regardless of what hydration drink you prefer.

The brush options consist of two brushes. The long, flexible, slender model is obviously the Pure Flow™ tube brush. Perfectly sized for the inner diameter of the tube, this soft brush will be your best friend when cleaning. It is never good to take a quick pull on the bite valve and feel anything but the liquid you use come with it. The second brush is for the reservoir. The offset angles of the brush and loop handle allow you to easily get into all surfaces within any size or type Crux reservoir. Simple, and very effective, these brushes are essential for regular cleaning, allowing you to use Cleaning Tabs periodically, instead of after every use.

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  • Fully equipped cleaning kit for Crux reservoir, standard or lumbar
  • Two brushes and cleaning tabs keep your reservoir odor and taste-free
  • Reservoir brush and Pure Flow™ tube brush
  • Folding reservoir hanger for most efficient drying option
  • Periodic cleaning with Cleaning Tab keeps reservoir tube sanitized
  • Two cleaning tabs included
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