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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Carbon

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 Disc Wheelset

Despite the growth of gravel and endurance allroad cycling, road racing is still a strong category, though not all such riders actually race. Serious enthusiasts that prize and appreciate pro-race level bikes and equipment are the major buying cohort. The same can be said for Campagnolo's Super Record riders, and appreciating ultra premium build quality, ride capability, and aesthetics is part of the package. With the Bora Ultra WTO 45 Disc Wheelset delivers the most refined version of the Bora line, with minor improvements found in each component of the wheelset, a spectacular new finishing process, and some serious innovation as well. Only true Campagnolo aficionados who fully appreciate and embrace such characteristics will consider the excellence over price.

Start with the "basics". This wheels are Campagnolo 2-Way Fit, which means there is a hooked rim system for both clincher and tubeless ready tire use. The system works exceptionally well, in part because the disc-only rim is a sealed design, leading to the next Campagnolo technology, the Mo-Mag spoke nipple system. A magnet is used to place nipples into the spoke holes of the rim surface. The use of a reinforcing zone layered inside the rim is mandated because one of the aerodynamic refinements made with the Bora Ultra WTO rim is that a new nipple was designed that doesn't protrude- it sits flush with the rim for a super clean effect that is still externally adjustable. One caveat, the nipple interface uses an internal Torx head, so you need a proprietary Campagnolo tool to true and tension the spokes.

The UD carbon rim is built with Hand Made Ultra-Light Carbon (H.U.L.C.) construction to deliver the precision and specifications required. The rim also has some slight shaping variance from the non-Ultra version, which was already proven to give aerodynamic advantage, but Campagnolo claims the greatest gains in efficiency come with flush spoke nipples. The 19mm and 26.2mm external rim widths, as well as the rim shape have been aero optimized for 25mm tires. The spokes are steel, and butted, but elliptical, not bladed same as the Bora WTO, which gets the WTO from "Wind Tunnel Optimized", which happens to be where the engineers demonstrated the elliptical shape was more effective, and still allow the wheel more bump and rough surface compliance.

The lacing is the 2/1, or triplet G3 system that gives a distinctive look, exceptionally high tension, and and incredible balance side to side. At the center, a new hubset was developed with this wheelset, with a wonderfully clean shape, striking finish, and housing the CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) hybrid ceramic bearings (specially treated steel cup/cones, ceramic balls), and manual bearing adjustment system. Campagnolo claims this system delivers "5 1/2 times less friction than their standard sealed steel counterparts."

The shaped hub shells feature a different build front and rear. The front is a hybrid with the precision machined aluminum disc rotor mount shell bonded to a beautifully molded carbon hub body. The rear is full aluminum, with hi-lo flange set-up, high on the drive-side, lower on the disc rotor side. You'll notice the G3 pattern is different front and rear, as the strongest forces (torque) on the front wheel are from the disc side, which can also affect performance while braking on curving descents- a dynamic that is more stabilized in the rear triangle than the fork- so the pairs are located on the disc side. On the rear, the drive system provides the greater forces from the hub outward so the pairs are on the drive side and the flanges are higher to shorten the spokes. The wheels are hand assembled and tensioned to perfection, with perfect dynamic balance that sustains and requires an adept wheel pro tech for any servicing (PSA- don't try this at home).

The rim finish is breathtaking and singular. It is achieved in the rim creation process, and is not a post completion polish. It is called C-LUX and it sounds as cool as it looks. With the Bora Ultra WTO wheels, the logos are a copper metallic that are both subtle and stunning at the same time. The overall effect triggers a feeling better ascribed to art or tastefully ornate jewelry. Factor in the high-quality polish on the hubs, and design and aesthetic become holistic.

The rear hub features the N3W freehub body, which is compatible with Campagnolo 11, 12 and 13 speed drivetrains, with the end fitment removed for 13-speed. Campagnolo features their AFS disc rotor mount system on the hubs, which essentially the Center Lock design (fully cross-compatible). The thru-axles hub spacing are 12/100mm front, and 12/142mm rear. All the essentials and extras come with the wheels including a set of wheel bags to protect your wheels when not in use or hanging on the walls as art for your next soiree with fellow bicycle connoisseurs.


  • Upgraded premium road race wheelset with incredible finishes, construction, technology
  • 2-Way Fit rims for tubeless, tubeless-ready or clincher tires
  • Overall wheel efficiency is determined by overcoming aerodynamic resistance, rolling resistance and the effects of weight and gradient
  • Rolling resistance for this rim profile was found to be lower with a 19mm internal width rim bed, particularly with 25mm or 28mm tires, but aerodynamics are optimized with 25mm
  • With a system (bike, rider, etc) weight of 191.8 lb, a 25mm tire’s rolling resistance at 24.85 mph is: clincher 28 watts, tubeless 25 watts
  • No carbon fibers are cut by drilling the nipple and valve holes into the rims, so
  • Each spoke hole has an internal nipple seat, wrapped into the rim’s carbon layup, which is specifically aligned to the intended hub
  • Aero Mo-Mag nipples are perfectly aligned with each spoke for a more accurate wheel build, with reduced localized stress and improved fatigue life
  • Unique G3 spoke system counteracts the main source of torque at each hub
  • Spokes: 24 Aero Elliptical, straight pull, double-butted, black
  • Front hub: Bora Ultra, carbon body with bonded alloy disc mount, 12/100mm spacing
  • Rear hub: Aluminum body, 36 tooth ratchet freehub
  • Oversized 36t ratchet freehub is fast to engage, very durable; accepts N3W, XDR, HG freehub bodies
  • CULT ceramic bearings spin freely for 5½ times longer than standard steel bearings
  • Manually adjustable preload bearing system is a cup and cone design with the CULT balls
  • Hubset designed for AFS (Center Lock compatible) disc rotors
  • High polish finish on hubs with copper metallic logo's
  • Comes with: Aero Mo-Mag nipple maintenance kit, Tubeless valves, AFS rotor lockrings, Campagnolo wheel bags, Campagnolo accessories bag, Tire levers, Campagnolo N3W Z11 adapter
  • Meets ETRTO standards for suggested tire size based on 19mm ETRTO 25-28mm
  • Finish: C-LUX Carbon w/copper metallic logos
  • Weight: 1425 grams (660g front, 765g rear)