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Road Brakes - Rim

The evolved development of the 12-speed Chorus Ergopower levers offers advantage while shifting and braking. The new cables and housing reduce friction, and the entire cable-pull system is smoother, with a more consistent feel. Enter the dual pivot Chorus 12 rim brake calipers, which take that smooth, direct input and convert it into braking power and control. The calipers themselves are designed to accommodate today's wider rims and tires, easily handling 28mm tires. The smooth arcs and shapes of the Chorus Brakeset maintain the elegance of past Campagnolo groups, as these do not have the new, more angular aero styling of Record and Super Record.

With stainless steel posts and springs, the 318 gram rim brakeset is meant for years of duty and exceptionally low maintenance. The aluminum caliper bodies and arms maintain stiffness and deliver power to the traditional Campagnolo brake pads via the familiar pad holding system.

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  • Dual pivot (Ft/Rr) rim single bolt brakeset designed for 12-speed Ergopower levers
  • Cast aluminum, machined caliper structures with natural arcs and clean design
  • Stainless steel posts, springs, hardware for consistent, long-term usage
  • Designed to accommodate 28mm tires on modern width rims
  • Standard Campagnolo brake pads, with their traditional removal/install system
  • Sold as a pair, front and rear
  • Finish: Chorus 12 Black
  • Weight: 318 grams
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