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Campagnolo's road hydraulic disc brake system is known for it's power, consistency, and overall effectiveness in wet or dry conditions. The engineers opted to use the same pad design and composition for both the 11-speed and 12-speed disc groupsets. The resin compound is optimal for managing heat, consistent wear, and the excellent feel required by road cyclists, especially during long descents. The DB-310 hydraulic disc brake pads with spring also run quiet, wet or dry, which is always appreciated.

The steel backing plate of the pads is necessary for stiffness and one of the smartest features of the Campy disc brake system- the magnetic pad retraction system. Campy does not use a spring system, but magnets built into the caliper body. Once the brake lever pressure is lessened or remove, the phenolic resin pistons retract and the magnets on each side pull the pads quickly and smoothly back from the rotor. You'll see that each pair of replacement pads come with the pads themselves and just the center guide pin assembly. The resin pads have been formulated for road use, and are not adversely impacted by wet conditions. The compound is optimal with Campagnolo's vented disc rotor design for the longest wear, best power, and effective modulation.

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  • One pair of Campagnolo road disc brake pads with spring
  • Resin compound with steel backing plate
  • Compound is safe and effective, wet or dry
  • Optimized for use with Campagnolo disc rotors
  • Includes: 1 pair of pads, center guide pin with retaining clip
  • Campagnolo part # DB-310
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