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Campagnolo's EKAR gravel drivetrain expands the cycling worlds in more than one way. The 1x13 drivetrain offers simplified shifting with incredible range thanks to cassette options starting with 9T or 10T cogs. This allows you to go further afield, faster and more efficiently, regardless of terrain, contaminants, and weather conditions. Three cassette variations are offered, and are generally matched with one of the four EKAR chainring options to find the best overall gearing for the riding you plan to attack. Campagnolo offers a classification system that make recommendations but the overall set of choices will largely be made by your preferred activity, and knowing the local topography along with your strengths and limitations. Endurance, Gravel Race, and Gravel Endurance are the suggested categories.

On all three options, single-tooth steps across the six smaller sprockets provide the most consistent cadence progression with smooth, efficient changes. Gradually increasing wider spacing features on the larger half of the sprockets. This delivers a natural riding experience and helps you get the best from your performance on testing trails and tough terrain with progressions that make sense. You can see the breakdown of cassette, cog by cog, listed below. Two of the three cassette options feature a 9-tooth cog. Extensive comparative tests conducted by Campagnolo have demonstrated that the 9-tooth is as efficient as any 10 or 11-tooth sprocket on any system, with no additional friction across its narrow-wide teeth, so you don't lose any of the wattage you produce. This claim will no doubt be contested, but the cog profiles and shapes, along with the plate design of the chain all work in a system, which is specific to EKAR, can certainly mitigate higher friction not previously achieved. Remember, these cogs will not be used frequently for extended riding, so the other 11 or 12 cogs will handle most standard riding situations.

Each cassette is built for the new shorter length (4.4mm) N3W freehub body system, a design that uses the same spline system Campagnolo has featured since 9-speed. A lockring with more depth is used, and the standard Campagnolo freehub lockring tool still works. The cassette itself is built in two blocks. All cogs are steel, machined in monobloc fashion, like the 12-speed cassettes. The first (smaller) block, which on the 9T cog versions is a single piece, 4cogs machined with the carrier integrated. The second block has the larger nine monobloc cogs, but that is attached to a stout aluminum carrier. For the 10T version, the breakdown is 3 on the 1st, 10 on the 2nd, but constructed the same way. For enhanced mechanical resistance, heat-treated carbon steel is used for the core of both blocks, which is enhance by a nickel-chrome-satin surface treatment which reduces wear and friction while ensuring optimum durability for gravel riding.

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  • 13-speed cassettes for EKAR gravel drivetrain with wide range options, innovative build
  • Precision machined cogs made with heat-treated carbon steel is used and a nickel-chrome-satin surface treatment is applied, which reduces wear and friction
  • Single-tooth steps across the six smaller sprockets provide the most consistent cadence progression with smooth, efficient changes
  • Gradually increasing wider spacing features on the larger half of the sprockets
  • Each cassette is built in two blocks, all cogs in steel, with the 1st block a fully machined monobloc, the 2nd has monobloc steel cogs mounted on an aluminum carrier
    • 9T options have 1st block with 4 cogs, 2nd with 9 cogs
    • 10T option has 1st block with 3 cogs, 2nd with10 cogs
    • Fasten with long-depth Campagnolo lockring into N3W freehub body
  • Options
    • Endurance: 9-36T (9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-20-23-27-31-36)
    • Gravel Race: 9-42T (9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-21-25-30-36-42)
    • Gravel Adventure: 10-44T (10-11-12-13-14-15-17-19-22-26-32-39-44)
  • Freehub type: Campagnolo N3W 13-spd
  • Weights: 340g (9-36T), 390g (9-42T), 415gr (10-44T)
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