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In creating the EKAR gravel drivetrain, Campagnolo's engineers were seeking a 1x13 speed system with wide enough gearing range options for all of the use cases that fall under the "gravel" discipline: Adventure, Pure Gravel, Fast/Race Gravel, and E-gravel. While most of that falls on the EKAR Cassette combinations, choosing the proper chainring size options for those cassette ranges was part of the process. EKAR has been developed and built for the stress and strain of mixed terrain requirements and common conditions of gravel use. Many proven technologies and systems from the road groups carried over, but features greater strength, durability, and advanced protective seal systems where needed. As such, the crankset has the 2-piece Ultra-Torque spindle system, made with a higher grade 630 steel, and new bottom bracket seals come from the ProTech system. Riding on gravel surfaces in all conditions means serious grit, grime, dust, and water. EKAR was built to dominate and persevere in these conditions.

As you'd expect, the crankarms and spider are beautifully formed from UD carbon fiber for optimal strength and the lightest weight that still offers the power transfer and durability EKAR requires. The incredible spider design is a 4-arm asymmetric set-up with a proprietary 123mm BCD that has been shaped and positioned to best manage load and stress throughout the pedaling cycle. It carries a light but durable single 13-speed chainring machined from 7075 aluminum that features a version of the well-proven narrow-wide tooth design that ensures efficient chain drive and maximum chain security over the wide range of the 13-speed cassette. The ring is easy to remove-install even while the crankset is mounted.

Moving back to the Ultra-Torque 2-piece crank/spindle system, all features are essentially the same as all Ultra-Torque models. Each crank arm has a short spindle, which come with oversized stainless steel bearings pre-installed. The spindle has the interlocking, self-aligning, dual-spline design known as a Hirth coupling or joint. The spindle is essentially hollow, and the Hirth coupling is joined with an internal bolt that is accessed from the open hole on the non-drive crankarm. The system is stiff, strong, and very reliable when fastened properly to torque spec. The bike frame bottom bracket shell system determines which version of the EKAR bottom bracket cups you need to purchase separately, and when the cups are in place, and the crankset is installed the bearings get pulled into the highly effective ProTech patented external seal system. You can remove the crankset for service or inspection without removing the cup system from the frameset.

Campagnolo was able to maintain the narrow 145.5mm Q-Factor their cranksets are known for, and the chainline is 45.5mm. Available lengths are 165, 170, 172.5, and 175 mm, offering excellent ground clearance options, as well an understanding that the general trend is towards shorter sizes than used in traditional road set-ups. The chainring options are 38, 40, 42, and 44 tooth. Optional rubber guards for the arms can be used to protect the stunning carbon finish. The EKAR 13 Speed Crankset is only compatible with EKAR components. Any other use voids the warranty.

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  • 1x13 spd EKAR Crankset engineered for the challenges and requirements of gravel riding/racing
  • Newly designed UD carbon arms and integrated 123mm BCD asymmetric driveside spider
  • 4 ring options: Adventure (38T); Pure Gravel (40T), Fast Gravel (42T), E-Gravel (44T)
  • Narrow-wide chainring tooth design for efficient drive & maximum chain security
  • Light, strong 7075 aluminum rings can be swapped out without removing crankarm system
  • 2-piece Ultra-Torque 630 steel axle system featuring center joining Hirth coupling
  • Stainless steel bottom bracket bearings are pre-installed on each side
  • Requires EKAR ProTech bottom bracket cup system for your frameset's BB shell design
  • ProTech patented external seals and center fiberglass-polymide tube will fully protect bearings
  • Comes with optional rubber protectors that sit above pedal axle to protect crank arm finish
  • Q-factor: 145.5mm
  • Chainline: 45.5mm
  • Compatibility: Campagnolo EKAR-series components only
  • Length options: 165, 170, 172.5, 175 mm
  • 1x chainring options: 38T, 40T, 42T, 44T
  • Finish: UD Carbon (Black anodized ring)
  • Weight: 615 grams (172.5mm w/ 38T)
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