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Equipment > Components > Brake Levers > Shifter/Brake Lever with Caliper Gravel


While fully redesigned for the requirements of the EKAR gravel groupset, and well executed in all aspects, these EKAR 13 Speed Ergopower Levers, which come with the disc brake caliper assembly, may be some of Campagnolo's simplest hydraulic levers yet. Simple, as in spectrum of function, not simple in design or construction. The reasons are somewhat self-explanatory. First, the EKAR drivetrain is a single chainring set-up, so the left lever does not need shifting functionality. The second reason may catch some Campagnolo fans off-guard, but the rationale makes sense. While proven UltraShift technology allows for 3 gear upshifts, the down shifting thumb button only allows you drop one cog at a time. Remember, the engineering of EKAR is strictly based on the rough terrain and harsh conditions all gravel-type riding will encounter. Uneven, awkward surfaces, dust, mud, rocks, etc., must all be managed as part of part of shifting performance at high or low speeds. Precision shifting without risk was the goal, so downshift action was an aspect that demanded control. No worries, the thumb lever action offers positive feel and fast, smooth action. After all, you are shifting a 4.9mm chain over a huge range of 13 of the narrowest cogs ever made while bouncing around.

That is where the EKAR Ergopower lever comes into it's own. The hood and lever shapes have been adapted ergonomics that lend themselves to bike, shift, and brake control. The thumb button, often referred to by Campagnolo as Lever 3, has been re-defined with a larger C-shape that offers better access from the top of the hoods, without sacrificing access from the drops. Campagnolo's research indicated that riders use this position more than any other on gravel. The shift lever has a newly shaped paddle that should feel more defined when your real focus is on stability and bike control, not shifting. The Brake lever has a shape very similar to Ergo 12, but the blade is aluminum for durability and has a flatter surface where your finger curves around it, for a surer feel and pull. That lever combination also has reach adjustability to complement the shapes and curve for better access from the tops or drops for more hand sizes.

Complementing the design, the aluminum lever blade and control surfaces feature a coating finish that is laser-cut with additional texture to increase your grip, whatever the conditions. The lasered pattern is also resistant to wear from sweat, dirt and cleaning agents, or in EKAR terms, a gravel-proof solution. Of course the polyamide composite bodies of both levers also house the effective master cylinder for each hydraulic disc brake. Campagnolo has partnered with Magura for a specific mineral oil hydraulic system that has been beefed up some for EKAR, but is essentially the same as the 11 and 12 speed version. Each lever comes with a caliper, and the Flat Mount EKAR calipers are pre-determined in 140mm or 160mm rotor configurations. Of course the EKAR rotors are sold separately. The high-performing calipers, using mineral oil and delivering the advanced modulation and distinctive feedback feel that works so well, have a new finish and design but the real improvements for EKAR come with the included DB310 pads, with a unique organic compound that improved overall braking performance and durability in all conditions. Again, though not included, the stainless steel EKAR specific rotors are thicker than the road version for greater stiffness under load, greater longevity, better modulation and power response.

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  • EKAR 13-spd Ergopower mechanical shift, hydraulic disc brake controls
  • Designed with optimal shape for rough surface conditions with lever shape and positioning for better access from the tops, without sacrificing access from the drops
  • Precise, quick shifting from One-Lever-One-Action concept and positive engagement
  • Vari-Cushion™ hood provides comfortable, safe grip in any riding position and any off-road conditions
  • Enhanced grip from additional laser-cut texture on lever blades/controls; sweat &wear-resistant
  • Right lever features up-shift of 3 gears with UltraShift, single down-shift
  • Security of single downshifts is ideally suited to gravel riding on unpredictable surfaces
  • Left lever is hydraulic disc brake only
  • Shaped curve of brake levers for access from tops or drops, with flatter finger zone
  • Ergonomic adjustable reach to suit any hand or finger size
  • Hydraulic system utilizes mineral oil system for stable, easy to maintain set-up
  • EKAR flat mount disc brake calipers with special finish, include DB310 organic pads
  • Note: Disc brake rotors are not included
  • Sold as a lever/caliper assembly, Right or Left, with specific caliper size
  • Options:
    • Right lever with 140mm caliper
    • Left lever with 140mm caliper
    • Right lever with 160mm caliper
    • Left lever with 160mm caliper
  • Finish: EKAR Black
  • Weight: 420 grams (Right/140mm)
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