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The very concept, and every facet of the Campagnolo EKAR gravel drivetrain was developed and executed to ensure pristine shifting and chain drive performance over harsh surfaces, in tough conditions, with grit, mud, violent shaking and vibration, etc. While each component carries it's own story and priority, none is more important and integral than the EKAR 13 Speed Rear Derailleur. Managing the chain load, response, and shifting of a 1x13 system with massive cassette cog ranges is no small feat. All 70 parts were designed and engineered specifically to create the desired performance, durability, and resilience to the elements. Yes, the engineering team tapped into decades of experience and ingenuity, especially the Super Record 12 design, but from the beginning, they knew the requirements of EKAR would be different, and a wholly new challenge.

The body of any rear derailleur is often overlooked, but it is the foundation of strength and torsional resistance, and essentially carries all adjustment aspects while controlling the loads of the cage, and in this case the clutch mechanism. Utilizing a combination of carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide and anodized 7075, 6082 aluminum alloys, the engineers kept the weight low, with high strength. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout for strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness for proper tool interaction. The clutch mechanism is always engaged to maintain ideal chain retention, prevent chain bounce, and keep the system running quietly. It can also be locked into position for easier and faster wheel removal and installation.

Only one cage length is offered, a medium version, for all EKAR cassette options. The cage features the same material blend as the body, and has a 2D trajectory movement system that allows it to maintain the best chainline and cog retention through all 13 gear steps. Super durable, high-grade polymer pulley wheels run smoothly and quietly interact with the chain. The engineers opted for a 12T upper and 14T lower combination that ensures the cage length and movement can properly handle the chain length and drive load.

The EKAR system runs 13-spd cassettes with 9-36T, 9-42T, and 10-44T cog combinations off the single ring crankset. With such demanding loads and riding conditions, the reliability, precision, and adjustment features of the rear derailleur have to be perfect. Literally no company has more experience making rear derailleurs than Campagnolo, and no-one has ever questioned the build or performance of one when set-up and used as designed. EKAR has built to exceed that historical standard, in part because the terrain and conditions are so variable, and because this is the first 13-speed drivetrain built for the gamut of gravel usage. The technology, materials and designs are made to match and exceed the unique demands of all-road and gravel performance: to combine quick, precise, reliable shifting with high chain security, light weight, durability and toughness in the all-road arena.

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  • EKAR gravel group rear derailleur specifically designed for 1x13, wide range drivetrain
  • Combine quick, precise, reliable shifting w/ high chain security, light weight, durability, toughness
  • Every design feature, technology, and material reflects the physical and environmental requirements of gravel riding
  • Built with 70 individual carefully designed and engineered parts
  • Optimal lend of strength, durability and light weight, for long-term reliable operation
  • Body and cage made with a combination of carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide and anodized 7075, 6082 aluminum alloys; stainless steel bolts are used for strength, long-term viability
  • Body has integrated clutch mechanism that is permanently engaged for ideal chain retention
  • Clutch can be locked for easier and more direct wheel installation and removal
  • Cage design features a 2D parallelogram trajectory that can cover the chainline, angles, and wide cog ranges under the high stress of gravel use
  • Pulley wheels with differentiated tooth-counts deliver optimum smooth interaction, high chain retention
  • The mid-length cage system carries high-grade polymer pulley wheels: 12T upper, 14T
  • One derailleur model for all EKAR wide range cassette options (9-36T, 9-42T, 10-44T)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 275 grams
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