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The exciting new EKAR 13-speed gravel groupset pushed Campagnolo to truly understand the needs and requirements of gravel cycling beyond the shifting requirements. Event the disc brake rotors received an upgrade. While still AFS (same as the Center Lock mount standard), the Campagnolo engineers moved to a thicker steel rotor and more open vents. With greater potential power, durability and dust and heat shedding the EKAR disc rotor offers more bang for the buck.

The central carrier is still machined aluminum, but the stainless steel rotor moves to a 1.85mm thickness. While improving the overall performance, it should also make the rotor stiffer and less susceptible to dings or small impacts that can cause minor warping or bending. It is available in 140mm and 160mm diameters.

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  • Disc brake rotor engineered to meet the challenges of the EKAR gravel groupset
  • Stainless steel rotor now 1.85mm thick
  • Offers greater stiffness, resilience, power and durability
  • Directional vents allow heat and contaminants easier release
  • Machined aluminum central mount and spider zone
  • Campy AFS / Center Lock spline mount standard
  • Options: 140mm, 160mm
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