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With the release of the Potenza groupset, Campagnolo now offers a line of non-series 11-speed cassettes, which means these steel cassettes are compatible with all 11-speed groups. Potenza offers a Medium Cage Rear Derailleur, so one of the new cassette options is a wide range 11-32, perfect for most cyclists accustomed to utilizing such range, or those who prefer a higher cadence whenever feasible. While the 11-32 version will work with all 11-speed groups, the Potenza Medium Cage Rear Derailleur is required. Do not select that option for use with any 11-speed short cage model.

The Non-Series 11 Speed Cassette is a redesign for Campagnolo. The three largest cogs are mated in a "triplet", and the remaining eight cogs are individual, and mounted with aluminum spacers. A steel lockring holds the assembly to your 11-speed Campagnolo compatible freehub. The cogs themselves have been machined for full 11-speed compatibility with Multishift refinement. Campy employs their traditional nickel-chrome finish to reduce friction and were as well as fight corrosion over the life of the cogs. The lockring requires the standard 12 spline (22.8mm) cassette tool (such as Campagnolo's UT-BB080 or the Park BBT-5). Increase your range and expand your horizons with the durable and quick shifting Campagnolo Non-Series 11 Speed Cassette.

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  • Steel 11-speed cassette compatible with all Campy 11-speed drivetrains and freehubs
  • Note that the 11-32 is only compatible with the Potenza Medium Cage Rear Derailleur
  • Machined and spaced perfectly for optimal, quick shifting and Multishift refinement
  • Largest three cogs form a triplet unit; the 8 remaining cogs are singles, with spacers
  • Cog spacers are aluminum, lockring is steel
  • All cogs and lockring feature nickel-chrome finish
  • Lockring requires standard 12-spline Campagnolo compatible tool interface
  • Option: 11-32 (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-22-[25-28-32])
  • Finish: Nickel Chrome
  • Weight:
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