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In order to keep your 2015+ 11-speed Campagnolo Super Record, Record or Chorus crankset shifting like clockwork, make sure you check your chainrings for wear. There are many variables, such as weather conditions, lubrication, amount of shifting, interval before changing your chain, and so on that will dictate the life of your hardened alloy chainrings, even those made by Campagnolo. When it's time you will see that your outer and inner chainrings have their own mounting specification, or bolt circle diameters (BCD). Both rings thread into the Ultra-Torque carbon cranksets from the back, which delivers high strength and overall stiffness, but also makes the front of your crankset so clean and sculpted.

The inner rings use a 112mm BCD strictly for the asymmetric Campagnolo spider design. The chainrings are designed for exquisite shifting, with both mechanical and EPS electronic drivetrains; made from a hardened light weight alloy, sculpted for strength and lateral stiffness, then profiled using the X.P.S.S. (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) optimization. The teeth have been designed to match the chain profile perfectly and catch or release from the ring in up or down shifts with as little friction or hesitation as possible. The black anodized finish adds to the overall durability, as well as fighting corrosive elements and protecting the aluminum alloy from scratches.

As all inner chainring sizes use the same BCD, simply choose the number of teeth of your desired replacement. Just keep in mind that the outer and inner rings are mated to shift properly, so it you are running 34T inner ring, your outer ring is a 50T, 39T with a 53T, 36T with a 52T.

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  • 2015-current 11-speed Campagnolo inner chainring for specified cranksets
  • Compatible with Super Record, Record, Chorus
  • All rings are considered "Record" level
  • 4-arm asymmetric crank design with inner ring 112mm BCD
  • Anodized aluminum ring, sculpted for mechanical and EPS drivetrains
  • Performance optimized with X.P.S.S. profiling
  • Campagnolo develops ring pairs designed to shift properly together
  • All use the 146 BCD 4-arm pattern 34(50), 36(52), 39(53)
  • Color: Black
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