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Road Brakes - Rim

Although the Record brakeset was refined for the release of the Record 12 groupset, most of the visual changes were made to the the aerodynamic face of the front brake and subtle arm shaping to accommodate 28mm tires. Record 12 and Super Record 12 share the same Dual Pivot fulcrum system, which can still produce power to the closer surfaces of today's wider rims. This can be felt on both front and rear brakes, but is much more noticeable on the rear over the older mono pivot design. Of course the brake pad holders are equipped with the exclusive Campagnolo brake block insertion and removal system, and compatible with all Campy-style pads.

By reshaping the arms for more clearance and aerodynamics, the engineers also increased stiffness. As mentioned, real improvement in calipers themselves was minimal, but the Record Ergopower 12 levers were completely redeveloped so the the cable pull leverage is improved and made more linear in feel. As the brakes operate on small sealed ball bearings, the movement is smooth, clean, and easy, allowing the rider to have better feel and subsequent modulation. You can see the other aerodynamic improvements in the integrated pivot cover with it's rounded edges- a distinctive look that quickly differentiates from older Campy brakes. Record 12 brakes use steel mounting hardware versus the titanium used on Super Record 12. That and the finish graphics are the only distinguishing characteristics between the brakeset of the two groups so Record riders are getting Super Record level performance.

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  • Super Record level rim brake performance for Record 12 rim brakeset
  • Dual Pivot fulcrum system for front and rear ensures safe and highly effective use on wider rims, requiring little distance from rim to pad without function compromise
  • Compatible with 28 mm tires on either C17 or C19 wide rims.
  • Improved aerodynamics and stability from arm and pivot shapes
  • Front pivot area has integrated cover with curved edges to reduce drag
  • Exceptional smoothness and duration over time from ball bearing pivots
  • Improved continuous total control of the braking power transmitted as dictated by improved lever pivot and cable pull from Ergopower 12 levers
  • Brake pad holder is equipped with the exclusive Campy brake block insertion and removal system and standard Campy-style pads
  • Steel mounting/cable hardware versus titanium on SR12 brakeset
  • Sold as a Front/Rear set
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 317 grams
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