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Small Parts Brake and Shifter Hoods

These OE replacement ErgoPower hoods are sold in pairs and come in two varieties; 8 speed and 9/10 speed. The 8 speed version replaces worn or damaged hoods that came stock on the original ErgoPower levers circa 1992-1996. When 9 speed was introduced in 1997, Campagnolo adopted the rounded and blunted ergonomic shape. This shape stayed current for all 9 speed and 10 speed drivetrains up until 2008. Both styles of these grips feature soft rubber and a slight texture for added grip. The molded tab located under the top of the hood clips into lever body which secures the grip and serves up a seamless and tight fitment.

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  • OE Replacement parts
  • Fits '98 Record/Chorus Ergopower; '99-08 All Ergopower
  • Includes one left and one right hood
  • Made in Italy
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