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Wheels Road Wheels - Carbon

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Wheelset

The Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit wheelset has been widened to 17mm internal rim width, which is in line with the movement towards wider tires. The added width increases strength and delivers a large footprint for a wider tire with no compromise in performance. The Shamal Ultra features the MegaG3™ lacing system which Campy claims provides a 17% increase in stiffness over the previous model. Campagnolo takes their well proven G3 rear wheel spoke system and adds a "mega" oversize drive side rear hub flange for better power transfer and ride feel.

The Shamal Ultra 2-way fit wheelset is great for a variety of uses not to mention its 1475 gram weight contributing to a very light bicycle weight. They are functionally and cosmetically a perfect match for the Record-equipped bike. Campagnolo uses differentiated rim heights with a 24-27mm front and 27-30mm rear to keep the wheel weight very low but add some aerodynamics and a little extra stiffness to the rear wheel.

Besides the differentiated heights and new 17mm internal width, the rims have several other important features. Most rims contain a heavy spot usually at the rim seam or valve stem. Campagnolo is one of the few companies that dynamically balance their rims making Campagnolo wheels very smooth at speed. Toroidal milling reduces peripheral rim weight for improved acceleration. Sealed rims and MoMag magnetic nipple placement technology eliminates holes on the outside of the rim for increased strength and crack resistance. The rims are aluminum alloy and the machined braking surface is superb with standard compound brake pads in dry or wet conditions, at any temperature.

Carbon hub shells contain Campy's USB™ Ultra Smooth ceramic Bearings for friction free performance. Oversize bladed aluminum spokes are held in place with Campagnolo's anti-rotational nipple system which keeps the spoke always in the proper aerodynamic position so they are more like knifes and not paddles.

2-Way Fit means these wheels will work for both Road Tubeless and regular clincher tires. The sealed rim means not taping is required, only the tubeless valve. Only ammonia-free sealants should be used Simply remove the included tubeless valve stem to install a traditional clincher tire and inner tube. Includes wheel bags, skewers, and a spoke wrench. This wheelset comes with a Campagnolo freehub body that accepts 9-11 speed cassettes and with the bare minimum of set-up, is ready for training or racing usage right out of the box. Despite the light weight, the Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit Wheelset is suitable for riders up to 235lbs, so the vast majority of racers and serious enthusiasts can exploit all advantages.


  • Fast, sure handling tubeless/clincher wheelset with wider 17mm internal width rim
  • Campagnolo C17 extruded alloy rim, increases footprint, stability with 25-28mm tires
  • Rims feature toroidal milling to reduce rotational weight without losing stiffness
  • Dynamically balanced to accommodate weight differential from seam/valve hole
  • Differentiated rim profiles 24-27mm front and 27-30mm rear
  • Compatible with both tubeless and regular clinchers
  • Deep blade aluminum spokes are laced to reduce stress on rim/hub, increase transversal rigidity and power transmission from hub to rim
  • USB™ ultra smooth ceramic bearings
  • Anti-rotational spoke/nipple system, uses MoMag magnetic system to place nipples
  • Spoke counts: 16 Front, 21 Rear
  • Carbon fiber hubshells with aluminum flanges, oversized aluminum axles
  • Larger flange on rear hub and Mega G3 pattern increases rear wheel stiffness
  • Lower profile front hub, 16 radially laced spokes optimized for weight, aerodynamics
  • Includes wheel bags, skewers, valve extenders and a spoke magnet
  • Freehub: Campagnolo 11 (9,10 spd cassette compatible with spacers)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: Front 635g, Rear 840g