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Small Parts Derailleur

Campagnolo Super Record 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Pulley Set

Campagnolo recommends their genuine replacement parts for optimal running performance with lower chain noise and protecting your warranty status. The Super Record 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Pulley Set includes the 11T upper and lower pulley wheels you require to maintain your SR11 Rear Derailleur to it's optimal state. The composite pulleys are quite durable, but with enough mileage combined with riding conditions the pulleys will wear. The teeth of the pulleys are pre-shaped for functional reasons, but if you check when performing drivetrain cleaning, over time you will see wear develop.

The Upper Pulley wears more slowly, but you should replace the two pulleys at the same time. It features a steel bushing, while the Lower Pulley is outfitted with a ceramic bearing system (red covers) because it has a greater impact on drivetrain friction. Make sure you don't lose the axle bolts you take out when removing the mounted pulley wheels, you will need them again. Please note directional arrows on the pulleys for proper installation.


  • Upper and Lower pulley wheels for replacing those on Super Record 11 Rear Derailleur
  • Lower pulley has a ceramic bearing and the upper has a steel bushing
  • Upper and Lower pulleys have 11T, designed and shaped for optimal performance
  • Composite material offers great wear with quiet operation
  • Thickness at widest point: 8.4mm (at axle bolt hole)
  • Does not include mounting bolts- so make sure you keep track of bolts you remove from existing pulleys
  • Color: Black