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The only component of a road groupset that the rider directly contacts and engages with is the shift/brake lever set-up. When you consider the variability in hand shape, finger length, how much weight a cyclist rests on their hands, and simple grip preference the hood and lever shapes, lever throw, button location, etc., Campagnolo's commitment to ergonomics and functionality is particularly impressive, as a hugely diverse set of cyclists enjoy and prefer the Ergopower lever concept. New research, new physical requirements, and new component design all informed the development of the Super Record 12-Speed Ergopower Levers, but Campagnolo's designers and engineers did not forget the elements that have made their levers so popular in daily use. The enhancements to the ergonomics are subtle yet effective and positive, while the mechanical changes deliver results that can be felt as part of the integrated functionality of the impressive 12x2 drivetrain and refined, improved braking system. As with all Super Record components, the Ergopower 12 levers also get the finest materials and reduced weight, as you are reminded by the three cutouts in the brake levers at the front.

Comfort on the levers can never be compromised for cyclists at any level. The Vari-Cushion hood technology offers an ergonomic, comfortable, safe base of support and grip, ideal for all riders and most crucial to those who are in the saddle for many hours on a daily or regular basis. Vari-Cushion uses variable thickness material and shapes to feel supportive, yet forgiving, but never soft or squishy. The material also helps to reduce vibration transfer and reduce the effects of impacts from the front wheel to the hands. The textured lines provide grip when wet or dry, and offer a great feel with thinner gloves, which pro cyclists generally prefer. The material itself is hydrophilic so it even if it's wet or sweaty it provides grip. Durability is also excellent for the most contacted item on the bike. The shape of the top of the body through the lever pivot zone has changed to add a little more height at the front, for better control and a less cramped feeling, especially when out of the saddle. The design feels more natural and has less of an angled inward face and more of a hook at the top. The more gradual curve had seemed like a positive on 11-speed but forced Campagnolo to make other compromises. Ergopower 12 addresses that challenge and the new shape has been quickly identified and embraced by Campy-ophiles.

The new, more upright structure allowed Campy Lab technicians to create new lever blade shapes, options, and pivot points. The slightly outboard angle of the levers make braking and downshifting quicker, with less leverage, but without compromising the Campy feel. The curves of the brake blade have been refined and feel more intuitive, with a better tactile feel, and because the downward angle has changed from the pivot, the inboard shift lever doesn't make contact with the handlebar. The amount of cable pull for both braking and shifting with the function-specific levers has been reduced, and in conjunction with refinements to the derailleurs and brake calipers, the actions are quicker.

Of course the reduced cog to cog shifting of a 12-speed drivetrain assists in the speed aspect, but the engineers also removed the free-stroke feature formerly used so cable action begins immediately with the shorter lever throw and the responses are both positive and sure at the finger- never soft or indistinct. That is crucial with the 12-speed system. The ability for multi-shift efficiency and speed enables upshifting up to 3 sprockets at a time and downshifting up to 5 through the proven Ultra-Shift mechanism. It was great for 11-speed and even better for 12-speed. The thumb button itself has been extended forward, which feels more natural, while the internal mechanism has been improved for 12-speed as well. While there has always been a true mechanical ratchet-type feel, the contact points are more immediate and the action more precise.

From a braking perspective the lever throw is not the only change. Mechanical Ergopower Super Record 12 levers controls offer an important new feature: two brake lever positions that allow riders to choose the lever-handlebar distance that is best suited to hand size and finger length. It does so without changing the improved braking efficiency. With braking, predictability and control are everything. The leverage point, dual curve lever shape and subtle changes at the calipers deliver a smoother, more direct feeling and excellent responsiveness. Both the Direct Mount and standard single bolt brake calipers provide proper space and pad angle/distance for today's wider rims and large tires, so the lever feel corresponds the mechanical function of the brakes and simply feels more responsive with less housing tension "fade" than previous models.

Campagnolo has also developed a new cable and housing set along with Ergopower 12 that they claim reduces friction win the system and is even more durable than ever, intending to be the most long-lasting cable and housing set-up on the market. In our experience Campagnolo already held that title, but the competition was closing in. It is important to see each and every upgrade, change and refinement, no matter how slight, has been specifically engineered for the requirements of the 12x2 drivetrain and upgraded cable-actuated brakesets. Some features stand out more, but this is a system, and no one change stands alone. The Record 12 Speed Ergopower Levers are true step forward, yet will be both familiar and trusted by dedicated Campagnolo riders while inducing more cyclists to "go Campy". Return to Top


  • Mechanical 12x2 Speed Rim Brake controls: ergonomics, comfort, control, precision
  • Improved design & enhancements complement ergonomics, 12x2 drivetrain
  • “One lever-one action” concept assigns one function to each lever
  • Distinctive Super Record cut-out s at top of brake lever, logo
  • Comfortable Vari-Cushion hoods enable a solid, safe grip at all times
  • Multiple cog changes via Ultra-Shift; upshifting up to 3 sprockets at a time and downshifting up to 5
  • Forward extension of thumb lever shape for better positioning
  • Brake levers introduce a double curvature to improve grip, feel, leverage
  • Two brake lever positions- for choice in lever-handlebar distance by hand size
  • Smooth, precise, fast shifting and braking with positive feel and response
  • Super Record level hardware for durability, lighter weight, ultimate precision
  • Sold as a set: Right and Left Ergopower 12x2 levers, Complete Cableset 12 with ferrules, front derailleur housing inline cable adjuster
  • Color: UD Carbon/Black (red/white logo)
  • Weight: 339 grams (Levers only)
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