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Campagnolo's Super Record 12-Speed drivetrain required significant engineering as well as deep material science and manufacturing knowledge. As evidenced by the flush side plates and pins of the 5.15mm 12-speed chain, the tolerances are exceptionally tight. Campagnolo created a 12-speed cassette that is the same depth, uses the same freehub, and installs the same way as their 11-speed cassette. That's right- no new wheels or freehub bodies required if you are coming off of Campagnolo 11-speed. The development of the refined components throughout the drivetrain was a lengthy process, but when you look at the Super Record 12 Cassette, you can see how it all serves on purpose- rapid, precise, and reliable shifting within the minimal distances between cogs.

These technological improvements across the drivetrain make for a new standard in mechanical shifting. A double chainring drivetrain with a 12-speed cassettes opportunity for simplicity, effectively eliminating compromises in gearing selection. Not only can the rider now pedal atop gearing suited for any terrain, but he or she will no longer need to choose between cassettes specific to any one type of course. With 12 gears the need for a wide range of available cassette options is effectively eliminated as the extra gear allows for single tooth increments all the way to the 8th sprocket. Athletes can choose between 11-29 and 11-32 with zero compromise in gearing. Incorporating an additional gear into the same physical space presented the engineers of the Campy Tech lab with a challenge as the additional gear offered a particularly difficult challenge when considering Campagnolo’s commitment to maintain or improve durability and functionality in every generation. Yet they succeeded.

The Super Record 12 cassette in a 12-29 combination weighs in at just 266 grams. They way Super Record cassettes have long been made, with a combination of the 2 larger three cog sections machined in Monolithic steel and the smaller cogs in more standard construction smaller steel cogs. The larger cogs wear more slowly than the smaller cogs, so lighter steel that is still strong and stiff enough to handle more extreme chain loads makes sense. You save weight without compromise, though this comes at a premium. All of the cogs are machined to step into each other ensuring fast, accurate, sure chain engagement whether moving the chain up or down. eases installation, increases overall stiffness, and reduces energy loss. The bottom six steel cogs are all individual, with a specific 12-speed lockring. There are also spacers, the position of which is indicated in the cog by cog listing below. Like the lockring, all of the cogs and spacers are 12-speed specific. Any attempt to use other products could result in frameset, drivetrain or wheel damage. A chemical surface treatment is applied to reduce risk of corrosion, decrease wear, and increase longevity.

The mechanical feel of a Campagnolo shifting system has always been something to behold. With the release of the 12-speed road double drivetrain, the speed, precision and efficiency retain that legacy feel, but with a refinement that is obvious the first time you run through the gears. The entire system makes it all work, but you feel it from the way the chain meshes with cassette and that action propels you forward. It is impressive, and for dedicated Campagnolo riders, we highly recommend you ride it. Same goes for Shimano and SRAM lovers as well. It has to be ridden to be experienced and felt, thus absorbed and believed. Return to Top


  • 12-speed cassette for Campagnolo Super Record, Record road drivetrains
  • Fully compatible with Campy 11-speed freehub designs- same effective width
  • All components- cogs, spacers, lockrings are 12-speed specific
  • All spacers are same thickness to simplify installation- see positions below
  • Largest 6 cogs are Monolithic steel, 6 smaller cogs are steel
  • Large cogs machined in Monolithic steel- 3 and 3 in blocks to decrese weight, increase stiffness and durability
  • Features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions
  • Chemical surface treatment increases durability and improves smoothness
  • Use only with Campagnolo 12-speed 5.15mm chain
  • Installs with standard Campagnolo spline lockring tools
  • Optimized to meet any rider's needs with just two cassette options
  • Options (LR- denotes lockring, f- denotes spacer placement in series):
    • 11-29 ( LR - 11 - 12 - 13 - f - 14 - f - 15 - f - 16 - f -17-19-21- f -23-26-29 )
    • 11-32 ( LR - 11 - 12 - 13 - f - 14 - f - 15 - f - 16 - f -17-19-22- f -25-28-32 )
    • 11-34 ( LR - 11 - 12 - 13 - f - 14 - f - 15 - f - 16 - f -17-19-22- f -25-29-34 )
  • Compatible with Campagnolo 11-speed freehubs and frame spacing
  • Weight: 266 grams (11-29)
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