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Road Derailleurs - Front

While most Super Record components have major changes or advances from the Record versions, including lighter weight, the Super Record 12-Speed Front Derailleur is a mere 2 grams lighter. That is achieved via titanium hardware. The new mechanism is largely the same otherwise with the exception of the UD carbon outer plate and Super Record 12 graphics.

Even the most stubborn and dedicated Campagnolo fan would admit if there has been a historical limitation of the company's mechanically precise drivetrains, it would be the front derailleur performance. Let's call it adequate. Even with all the impressive changes Campagnolo made for the 12x2 road double set-up, our first serious question was "how is the front derailleur?" Well, Campagnolo states the new mechanical 12x2 Speed derailleur delivers "speed, dexterity, precision and effectiveness", and for the perhaps the first time, we actually agree. It is improved and it certainly has nothing to do with the tight tolerances of 12-speed. You can feel the real improvement in leverage and power, so the physical design combined with the refined Super Record 12 Ergopower lever performance have definitely made a difference. The feeling is firmer, the response sharper, without the soft or vague feeling of the past.

The Campy Tech Lab designers focused on functionality, performance and compatibility when redesigning the new front derailleur. The new Super Record mechanical 12x2 Speed derailleur reveals various technical innovations; starting with the aforementioned leverage system, which is designed to speed up shifting. Less effort is required for shifting thanks to the split front link rod, which avoids contact with the travel limit screw, and the shape of the inner cage plate, which is designed to match the new 12 speed chain’s characteristics. There are two fixing points for the cable, to best suit routing and placement dictated by the frame design.

The micro-adjustments to the front derailleur position (which is controlled by the Ergopower 12 levers) make it possible for the stout forged aluminum inner plate to avoid any chain/cage rub, even in cases of maximum chain angle. The plate position of the UD carbon outer cage prevents the chain from escaping when upshifting and increases speed in the downshift phase, as well as limiting drivetrain noise. As far as compatibility is concerned, the new Record 12x2 Speed front derailleur has been built to allow for tires up to 32mm on a road frameset thanks to the new upper connecting rod and the double fixing system of the cable. This development has been crucial for all drivetrain manufacturers to accommodate and grow with contemporary wheel, tire, and frame specifications. It also doesn't preclude gravel riders from using the Super Record 12 drivetrain as generally gravel frames offer a little more room for tire clearance thanks to longer chainstay lengths.

Overall, we feel this Super Record 12 Speed Front Derailleur, combined with the cable pull of the lever, and refined nature of the 12-speed crankset and chainrings, delivers the best Campagnolo front shifting to date and demonstrates Campagnolo's commitment to market awareness and changes still to come. The front derailleur is now an worthy contributor to the terrific 12x2 drivetrain system.

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  • Mechanical Super Record 12x2 Speed derailleur executes effective shifts with speed, dexterity, and precision
  • Designed for utmost efficiency in shifting and to match the aesthetics of the rest of the Super Record 12 group
  • Engineered with several technical innovations new to 12-speed
  • Greatly increased leverage with a firmer feel at lever actuation
  • Improved micro-adjustments to front derailleur position for extreme chainlines
  • Upper connecting rod is connected to the external road delivering more effective, precise movement, without contacting the limit stop
  • Massive inner cage plate built to accommodate maximal chain angle without rub
  • Super Record build-level with forged aluminium inner plate and UD carbon with outer plate, titanium stop screws
  • Two cable fixing point options for maximum compatibility with frames
  • Ideal for wider tires, up to 32mm on road framesets
  • Options: Braze-on, Clamp-on 32mm or 35mm
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 79 grams (Braze-on)
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