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Road Derailleurs - Rear

Within a road component group, only the modern dual control shift-brake lever is more mechanically complicated then the rear derailleur. With a lever you don't get to see the structure and function as the mechanism is utilized, but with a rear derailleur you can pretty much see it all. From a historical perspective the basics of the design and purpose have barely changed in decades. The variables that do change are largely developed to improve function, efficiency, and to meet new challenges of wider ranging drivetrains. Yet the rear derailleur of the 12-speed Super Record 12x2 drivetrain is both innovative, built with top grade, high-end materials, features absolutely precise technology to improve shifting, and carries the design and quality ethos that defines Super Record components. It is a piece of mechanical sculpture, with a Technopolymer of UD carbon fiber as it's medium.

With the exception of the rear cage plate, pulley wheels, and hardware, the body and structures of the Super Record 12-Speed Rear Derailleur are sculpted or augmented by unidirectional carbon that has been high-pressure molded with the technopolymer to create the strength, stiffness, and durability required for this hard working component. At 181 grams, the process and materials deliver a fantastic payoff in exacting performance, aesthetics and function. Campagnolo refined their 3D Embrace technology for 12-speed use, ensuring the cage travels properly for the extreme angles and stresses of today's 2x drivetrains and wide range cassettes. The technology serves a double purpose: it enables the chain to maintain optimum traction at all times, thus increasing the speed, power and precision of shifting; it also ensures that the rear derailleur is always at an ideal distance from the sprockets- especially in the smaller cogs, where cage tension must deliver consistent chain wrap for reliable chainlines and zero loss in efficiency and speed while shifting.

The Campy Tech Lab engineers also created new structures to deliver the unparalleled performance expected of Super Record. A connector rod has been added to the rear derailleur, as well as a UD carbon front rocker arm that further reduces the weight of the component, lends uniformity to the aesthetics, and magnifies the incredible performance of Campagnolo's signature component. The rocker arm was optimized to result in the best interface with sprockets that have from 11 to 32 teeth, which enabled the need for only one rear derailleur cage length (72.5mm) to match the simplicity afforded by just two cassette offerings for the 12x2 system. Another key technical feature this derailleur design includes the use of a removable link so you if your frame has a direct mount set-up, you remove the link. Otherwise the link is always used with standard rear hanger mounts.

The jockey wheels are essential shifting, drive, and smooth running performance. Both upper and lower feature 12 teeth, with the upper pulley having longer teeth for deeper engagement to deliver on the purpose of the 3D Embrace technology. Yes, Super Record delivers the expected superior grade stainless steel bearings as well, for reduced friction and drivetrain drag. Although Campagnolo has not included a clutch system to prevent chain slack and bounce, the engineers did build an Optimized Spring Return set-up that integrates perfectly, will not add drag the way a true clutch lock will, and functions quite well. On rough roads, the spring, which is positioned between the upper body and the pivot, absorbs the vibrations and small impacts, ensuring the chain will stay in place properly on the sprockets.

Finally, the Super Record 12 Speed Rear Derailleur features a combination of titanium and stainless steel hardware to ensure durability, practical use, and reduced weight while resisting corrosion. As with any mechanical system, you do need to clean and lubricate for optimal performance and long-term excellence. Campagnolo has very clear guidelines and technical specification charts available through their website and the critical information is included with the boxed rear derailleur as well. The Super Record 12x2 mechanical drivetrain features considerable innovation and changes from the 11-speed series, starting with significant updates to the Ergopower 12 lever system, and the rear derailleur is the component that carries out the great percentage of shifting actions. Every aspect of this Super Record 12 Rear Derailleur has been designed, engineered, and built to represent the pinnacle of Super Record performance, and we are pleased to report that it awes while in use. The fact that everyone at the coffee shop will want to bend down and stare at it is just a side benefit.

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  • Augmented and improved rear derailleur for aesthetic, performance and light weight expected of Super Record and the 12x2 drivetrain system
  • Upper body made of technopolymer-plastic reinforced with UD carbon
  • UD carbon front rocker arm reduces weight, enhances overall performance
  • Innovative shape uses 3D Embrace technology to better cradle smaller sprockets
  • Main body, pivots and links are light and stiff, working perfectly together
  • Cage features forged aluminum back plate, carbon front plate, fights torsion
  • 12T pulleys with optimal tooth height for upper and lower, stainless steel bearings
  • One cage length; works with any 12x2 chainring combination and both 11-29 and 11-32 Super Record 12 cassettes
  • Hardware is combination of titanium and stainless steel
  • Hex key inner/outer limit, and cage position screws
  • Spring positioned between upper body the pivot absorbs the vibrations improving chain tension and reducing chain bounce on cogs
  • Hanger mount link can be removed for direct mount framesets
  • Finish: UD carbon (with Super Record 12 logo)
  • Weight:181 grams
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