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Road Derailleurs - Front

In creating the Super Record mechanical shifting components, the engineers at Campagnolo sought upgraded new design features that would enhance the mechanical processes, and the front derailleur was always a key focus point, for as solid and precise as Campagnolo's shifting has long been, if there was a component that slightly underperformed below the superb mechanical shifting experience, it was the front derailleur. In-depth study by the Campagnolo technical staff for development of the new shape of the cage on the 12-speed mechanical front derailleur was extremely successful, making the component performance a strength. That cage design is now applied to the new EPS (electronic) version, guaranteeing fluid, efficient, reliable shifting. Thanks to the inner semi-cage in aluminum and the single-piece outer semi-cage in carbon fiber, the Super Record EPS front derailleur delivers maximum stiffness and efficiency when shifting. That is crucial, because the power of the derailleur motors absolutely required maximum performance.

This cutting-edge mechanical structure teams with the sophisticated intelligence of EPS's D.T.I. interface, the Power Unit and the precision of the derailleur motor to allow the chain to move immediately and fluidly on the chainrings, even under maximum load. High torque, high drive ratio motors are incredibly reliable, and built to perform over long years of use. Campagnolo has chosen the world’s best motors for this purpose. The body housing of the front derailleur is made with a monolithic carbon powder technopolymer that results in lightweight, yet very stiff, torque resistant unit overall, and protects the electronic and some mechanical components. An industry unique direct bolt design for the braze-on style frame mount adds overall stiffness and torque resistance in a location where the traditional design is good, but not superlative. Super Record is all the physical manifestation of superlative, so it is no surprise to find such an effective innovation here.

Optimal cage and chain alignment comes with Auto Repositioning via a Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver that informs the EPS D.T.I. system to always move the chain automatically into the ideal position for the selected chainring-sprocket combination. EPS delivers incredible precision and reliability and Campagnolo worked both the physical and electronic elements for a great overall shifting experience. The impressive performance of the Super Record EPS 12-Speed Front Derailleur matches and enhances that of the entire shifting system.

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  • Impressive shifting and overall performance in this SR12 EPS front derailleur with innovative mechanical and electronic componentry
  • Mechanical structure, sophisticated intelligence & precision of the powerful derailleur motor allows the chain to move immediately and fluidly on the chainrings
  • Auto Repositioning via Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver- always moves the chain automatically into the ideal position for the selected sprocket/chainring
  • D.T.I technology means the EPS system knows the rear derailleur position and the selected sprocket at all times
  • Cage designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations, seriously reduces transmission contact and friction
  • Design optimized for the inner semi-cage to precisely guide the chain from small to large chainring
  • High torque, high drive ratio motors allow for shifting under any load; maintain performance levels over time with extremely precise, quick and reliable shifting
  • Body in monolithic carbon powder technopolymer results in lightweight, yet very stiff, torque resistant unit
  • Inner semi-cage plate in aluminum, treated to resist corrosion and wear; outer semi-cage plate in carbon fiber
  • Braze-on mount design inverts the traditional style, adding significant strength and torsion resistance
  • Includes a specific mounting tool for faster install, with greater accuracy and perfect alignment
  • Waterproof: complies with IP67 international standards
  • Mount type: Braze-on
  • Finish: Carbon/Black/SR12 EPS
  • Weight: 132 grams
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