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Road Derailleurs - Rear

The debate over which groupset offers the "best" shifting is never ending, as it is subjective and personal. Performance has always been gauged by speed and precision, but if anything has defined Campagnolo's shifting over the years, it is the positive lever feel and how it is been actuated in shift response. Sure, durability as well, and that goes directly to a commitment to premium components and consolidated factory manufacturing with high quality materials. From that perspective, it is hard to argue that Super Record EPS 12-speed is not the highest end groupset available, and if you love Campagnolo shifting, it will represent the apex cycling experience. The Italian company takes the excellence of the Super Record 12-speed mechanical shifting group to the top with the smooth, precise, and premium grade of Super Record EPS electronic shifting and in this version, hydraulic disc braking. The EPS electronic drivetrain introduces you to the world of cycling where mechanical components and state-of-the-art electronic technology combine to create a drivetrain that has reached levels of Campagnolo performance and functionality that were previously unthinkable.

Built with materials such as titanium, aluminum, ultra-light technopolymer and long-fiber carbon, the EPS rear derailleur has been built to meet Campagnolo standards in terms of extreme durability, precision and reliability, despite weighing only 234 grams. It has performance features that are most effective when pushing it to its limits, and technologies that are hugely practical and benefit the cyclist. It works with the SR12 EPS shifter for full 12 step Multishift action, finds the proper chainline with a position sensor, and makes it work with a 45° trajectory angle corresponds to a new change of position that electronically improves chain engagement specific for each sprocket. Even a power or connectivity failure is accounted for, as the manual UnLock System allows the cyclist to select a single gear to ride in during an emergency.

  • Better power implementation and less wear and tear of the transmission components are just two of the advantages of the positioning of this new Super Record 12-speed rear derailleur over it's 11-speed predecessor, with respect to the cassette. Compatible with both 11-29 and 11-32 cassettes, the two pulley wheels have a 12-tooth design, which work with the 72.5mm long derailleur cage ensures perfect performance. The slimmer, sturdier structure of the resistant derailleur cage gives more space between the derailleur and the spokes, making it easier to adjust. Moving the chain onto 12 sprockets in the cassette calls for greater precision, given the increased number of sprockets in the same space. The firmware not only manages this task efficiently and quickly, but the front and rear actuators do their job using the most powerful motors available on the market.

    The EPS system is a wired system, and incredibly reliable. As you build out your EPS group, you need to select and combine the proper EPS wires and battery. The Super Record EPS 12-Speed Rear Derailleur is only compatible with 12-speed EPS systems. Campagnolo offers the MyCampy App for iOS and Android, with a specific MyEPS function within that allows you to manage, monitor and maintain your EPS system.

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  • Features

    • EPS 12-speed only rear derailleur at the premium Super Record level
    • Requires EPS wiring system, battery and components
    • Chain shift action driven by motors with high torque and high transmission combination, for speed, precision at any chainline or combination
    • 45° trajectory angle corresponds to a new change of position that electronically improves chain engagement specific for each sprocket
    • 72.5 mm derailleur cage with dual 12T pulley wheels compatible with 11-29, 11-32 cassettes
    • Materials: titanium aluminum, ultra-lite technopolymer and long-fiber carbon deliver incredible durability and resilience over time and miles
    • Position sensor always ensures the chain is in the optimum position for the sprocket selected
    • T.I.N. special treatment ensures titanium part stay intact, maintain performance levels over time
    • Multishifting Technology gets signal from shifter to cover mass gear shifts, covers all 12 gears of the cassette
    • UnLock System manual rear derailleur release allows rider to move rear derailleur manually into the desired cog position in the event of a system malfunction
    • Waterproof: complies with IP67 international standards
    • Finish: Carbon/Black/SR12 EPS
    • Weight: 234 grams
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