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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Aluminum

The Zonda-level wheels have long been a mainstay of Campagnolo's road wheels. Generally considered to be comparable to Chorus-level components, the Zonda represent performance with strength and durability at an accessible price point. In developing the Zonda C17 Disc brake model for road bike use, Campagnolo's engineers began with a new clincher tire rim extrusion that is lighter and stronger than the rim brake version, with a 17mm internal width and 22m external width. A milling process between the spoking zones reduced weight where excess material wasn't required so the actual profile depth varies between 26 and 28mm. The sealed rim and threaded insert/nipple system allows exceptionally high tension and great strength, which has been optimized for a disc brake version of the famed G3 spoke pattern, which give the 1675 gram wheelset great resilience and a distinctive look.

The result on the road is all-round improved reactivity, especially thanks to the asymmetrical design of the rims and the aligned flanges of the Mega G3™ disc brake hubs on both wheels. This innovative solution provides a stable front wheel that is able to absorb energy from the braking torque generated on the left-hand side and a rear wheel that guarantees maximum power transfer from the cyclist. It is achieved by the G3 2:1 spoke ratio. Both wheels feature 21 spokes, but if you notice, on the front hub the high flange is on the disc rotor side and on the rear it is on the driveside. The taller flange side carries 14 spokes, while the shorter flange side features 7 spokes. The variable-section stainless-steel aero spokes are straight pull, to achieve the high tension and overall wheel stability. The hubs both rely on adjustable cup and cone bearing systems with high quality steel bearings. These are modular designs, but carrying endcaps for thru-axles with 12/100mm front and 12/142mm rear spacing.

The Zonda C17 Disc Wheelset is desirable for earlier disc brake road framesets, as it doesn't have the current modern width to run run anything bigger than a 28mm tire, but a 25-26mm option is the best choice. This is a dynamic, everyday road wheelset that will make a great replacement or an upgrade from a stock option. It comes equipped with a Campagnolo 9-12 speed freehub body and is built with the AFS spline disc rotor interface, which is compatible with the Center Lock rotor design as well.

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  • Road disc brake clincher wheelset with impressive design and technology at a great price
  • Ideal for road disc brake bikes that are most effective with 700x23-28mm clincher tires
  • Hand-assembled by a specialized Campagnolo® technician, tested with precision electronic instrumentation
  • C17 Alloy Clincher Disc Rim spec: IRW 17mm, ERW 22mm, Dual Milled Depths at 26/28 mm
  • Sealed, welded rim design with threaded inserts, requires MoMag magnet to replace nipples
  • RDB™ Rim Dynamic Balance system offers perfectly balanced weight all-around
  • Zonda Disc alloy machined hubset with anodized finish, oversized flanges for straight pull spokes, disc braking forces
  • Thru-axle equipped hubs feature cup and cone bearing system with steel bearings
  • Front hub features 21 variable-section stainless-steel radial aero spokes, MEGA G3 1:2 lacing
  • Rear hub features 21 variable-section stainless-steel aero spokes, MEGA G3 2:1 lacing
  • Anti-rotation rim insert system with self-locking threaded brass nipples
  • Axle diameter/spacing: Front 12/100mm, Rear 12/142mm (thru-axle type)
  • Disc rotor interface: Campy AFS (Center Lock compatible)
  • Freehub: Campagnolo 9-12
  • Finish: Black/Dark Label
  • Weight: 1675 gram
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