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The Pocket Liner Jacket was the talk of the town when it arrived on the backs of Garmin Team riders. The likes of this 170 gram waterproof wonder had never been seen before in the peloton. Starting with a blank slate, Castelli's R&D department rolled up their sleeves and developed the Pocket Liner with input from several Garmin Team test riders. The goal was to create a jacket that was light, comfortable, fit well and was completely wind and waterproof, while actually offering some breathability. Mission acomplished.

The Pocket Liner is technically defined as a jacket used for rain and inclement weather protection. Due to it's breathability, we find it is not just defined to these terms. You see, most rain jackets don't breath, so with poorly designed garments, just may stay dry on the outside, but you are soaked from the inside due to poor moisture and perspiration management. This is where the Pocket Liner shines. The primary material used in this jacket is Castelli's Event fabric. It is waterproof and windproof, yet has enough breathability to work perfectly during efforts when you are have heavier perspiration and interior moisture content that needs to be expelled from the inside of the garment. And while not as breathable as a summer jersey, it's breathable enough for what it was designed for. All seams are taped and all ventilation zippers are welded on the sides. Both of these expensive production steps add durability and ensure water resistance.

The jacket has a somewhat slender cut to reduce flapping and oscillation when riding, so size up if you prefer a looser fit. All panels are anatomically correct, so the Pocket liner has a tailored fit that has a natural feel when you are on the bike and in the cycling position. Castelli uses a semi-elastic pleated design called Plisse on each side of the spine which helps keep the jacket fitted properly. The slightly longer back panel protects you from road spray and has an elastic waist band underneath to keep water from creeping inside. Understated solid silver base color with a few small red scorpion logos is simply brilliant.

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  • Lightweight Event fabric
  • Completely waterproof and extremely breathable
  • Plisse stretch zones for exacting fit
  • Storm-flap construction at back protects from wheel spray
  • Vent zippers with welded sides
  • Welded ventilation zippers on sides
  • 10,000mm water column and taped seams
  • 170 grams

Most people produce .25 to .5 liters of sweat per hour while athletes can generate 1.5 liters per hour during sport. The Pocket Liner's primary material, Event fabric is designed to expel water vapor at these high rates. Tis aids the Pocket Liner in keeping you dry where most other rain jackets soak you in your own sweat during exercise.

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