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The cycling experts at Castelli create some of the best cycling clothing and seat pads for every riding environment, a process that is largely informed by their dedication to, and work with professional cyclists. The company has extended its reach to skin care products, like this Chamois Dry Lube. Who better to understand the need and requirement for skin protection at the crucial contact junction of cyclist and bike, the saddle. The best chamois-skin products lubricate the skin to reduce friction, protect against saddle sores, and offer antimicrobial protection. While there are many excellent products on the market, the number one problem is a greasy feel, often leaving your the skin on your undercarriage and hands all too slippery.

Castelli has addressed that issue with Chamois Dry Lube. As the product name indicates, the lube goes on wet, via the pump applicator, then quickly dries with a formula that covers thinly and protects as well as any other product. Natural tea tree oil is an active ingredient with natural antimicrobial properties. You can apply the lube directly to the skin, or to the chamois pad. The formula breathes once next to the skin, so you won't have that damp, sweaty, squishy feeling that some creams deliver. The lube works well with any chamois material and is best used sparingly. Get the best results in non-greasy skin protection from Castelli with Chamois Dry Lube.

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  • Chamois pad/skin dry lubricant from Castelli
  • Non-greasy formula goes on thin, allows skin to breathe to stay dry and chafe free
  • Antimicrobial properties from natural tea tree oil
  • Collaboration with Linea Pelle
  • Sold in 100ml tube
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