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Castelli is constantly developing premium grade products, then carrying full segment or adaptations of those technologies through the line to share the fruits of their labor. The company created the Competizione Short to incorporate as much technology as possible from their top-of-the-line pro-level shorts at a more accessible price. And although it's certainly capable of weekend racing, it's also a great comfort performance short even if you never pin on a number, offering you a sense of the capabilities of race gear, and perhaps setting a personal best or local KOM time.

This short is made to do everything right without overdoing anything. Quality fabrics, great fit, flat-lock stitching, KISS Air2 seat pad, and Giro 4 leg grippers straight from the pro-level Free Aero Race 4 Bib. The main Vortex textured fabric also comes from the Free Aero Race 4, while the KISS Air2 seat pad has most of the comfort of Castelli's top seat pad but represents maximum value. The intangible part that you'll appreciate most is their knack for building in perfect fit characteristics, thanks to the Castelli pattern engineering team.

The Vortex BLC textured fabric is used on the legs for better aerodynamics, but also features mild compression and effective stretch, while maintaining a high level of breathability. It is complemented on the inner thigh zones by Affinity Pro Lycra®, which offers minimal friction, but primarily is used for it's high stretch capability that shapes out the fit of the legs overall, while having excellent rebound and resilience, maintaining it''s characteristics for season of use with proper care. The panel reflect anatomic realities and ergonomic function while cycling, with other being used as more bridging and support connectors, such as the rear main panel matching with the chamois support below and anchoring the tall, rear waist design.

The use of the KISS Air2 seat pad keeps the price point intact, but sacrifices little in performance, offering fast wicking, good bone structure support, and a soft top sheet to reduce friction and skin irritations. Keeping the performance focus of the Competizione Short, as mentioned the designers use the flat, aero and supportive Giro4 leg opening system, which has a raw edge for sleek comfort and silicone stripes against the skin to provide grip without the cuff needing to be overly compressive. Castelli applies flatlock stitching wherever possible, and gives you reflective details on the back to provide a little low-light visibility. With it' simple, clean look and performance benefits, this is a short set to take off.

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  • Cost effective, high performing short with fabrics and technologies used in higher-end models
  • Comfortable and supportive in a form fitting piece better aligned with a semi-aggressive dominant riding posture
  • Affinity Pro Lycra® fabric on inside of leg for outstanding stretch and rebound
  • Vortex BLC textured fabric on legs for better aerodynamics
  • Giro4 leg gripper with raw edge for comfort and silicone stripes for grip
  • KISS Air2 seat pad for all-day comfort
  • Flat-lock stitching
  • Reflective detailing on back
  • Suggested temperature range: 59°-95°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3XL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 165 grams (Large)
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