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The Entrata Bibtight from Castelli is one of the best cold weather values made thanks to it's great thermal properties and an anatomic cut that favors proper and comfortable cycling ergonomics. All of the key details here with a great Euro regular fit, excellent breathability, and reduced seaming that reduces potential chafing points while complementing the muscularity of the leg throughout the pedal stroke.

Castelli's Thermoflex fabric is known for it's optimal thermal value in temperatures from the low-40's through the upper 50's. A brushed inner surface adds a soft next to skin feel, while also creating room for body heat to be held close to the skin. While not a windblocking material, Thermoflex will only allow a small amount of air in, which assists in releasing moisture from perspiration and creating a better balance of thermal warmth without overheating.

The KISS Air2 seat pad is an excellent choice for cold weather, as well as rougher surface riding conditions. It adds more loft with a denser, thicker padding in key zones that truly mitigates the discomfort that can come with cold weather riding. Many sponsored team riders choose the KISS AIr2 over the more race-oriented Progetto2 for early season training, the spring Classics and fall Monument races, which are some of the roughest saddle days on the racing calendar. Ankle zippers add easier on and off action. By adding reflective features to the front of the leg, as well as the storm flaps that cover the ankle zippers, visibility is increased, especially because the dynamics of the pedaling action put the reflective surface in motion- a more obvious sign to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists.

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  • Properly designed and executed high value bibtight ideal for cold but dry riding conditions
  • Maintains body heat for warmth, but breathes to release excess moisture and prevent overheating
  • Thermoflex fabric for warmth and comfort with brushed inner surface to retain heat, assist in breathability
  • KISS Air2 seat pad is favored by many pro's and serious enthusiasts for colder, rougher conditions
  • Pad has a very soft topsheet, and offers more thickness and density in key zones
  • Mesh bib straps allow sweat to escape quickly and release through outer layer(s) to help keep you warm
  • Ankle zippers for easy on/off
  • Reflective logo below knee
  • Reflective flap over ankle zipper for extra visibility
  • Suggested temperature range: 43°-57°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 255 gram (Large)
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