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Skin cream that delivers a waterproof barrier that protects exposed and covered skin from the cold air and wet conditions. Castelli's Foul Weather Cream goes on this, and isn't greasy while acting as a warming lotion and protection layer. Perfect for the hardy all-season cyclists who insist on training outdoors no matter what the weather, and the committed cyclocross adherent who push the limits of cycling and harsh conditions just to race their bikes.

Castelli has worked with Linea Pelle to develop their skin care line, and the practical, effective applicator keeps things clean and manageable in your gear bag. The non-petroleum base contains 57% plant based products, and will not harm the synthetic fibers of your favorite cycling gear. For best results, apply to skin shortly before heading out. Allow the non-greasy formula to cover and adhere to the skin. You will feel the warming via capillary action in the skin. Despite the protection, the cream will allow your skin to breathe to allow temperature regulation. Light soap and water after your event or ride will wash the product away. We recommend you carefully wash your hands after application to reduce the risk of eye irritation. Castelli's Foul Weather Cream can help make you cold, wet, windy riding experiences more tolerable, so you can focus on the reasons you are on the bike in the first place.

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  • Cream embrocation provides warming, as well as protection from the cold, wet, and wind
  • Non-greasy formula goes on thin, coats and protects, yet breathes
  • Non-petroleum base, with 57% natural ingredients, won't damage synthetic fabrics
  • Collaboration with Linea Pelle
  • Sold in 100ml tube
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