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When you need a bibshort with some warmth, water resistance and full functionality in in the Fall or Spring for aggressive road, cyclocross or gravel use reach for the Castelli Nano Flex Pro Race Bibshort. Essentially this an evolution of the popular, original Omloop knee-length thermal bibshort, that was made with stretchy Thermoflex fabric. Now the concept features Nano Flex 3G fabric for all conditions from dry to cold to wet, the 3rd gen is as soft, stretchy, breathable and warm as Thermoflex , but adds the water resistance of the Nano Flex coating. You can ride hard in wet or dry conditions without having to overthink your decision or worry about breathability.

By having the bibshort cut right to the bend of the knee the designers of the original Omloop realized that they could make it without a gripper elastic and that the extra 10 centimeters of fabric add a lot of warmth and comfort. It is soft and slides little but won't roll-up. The entire lower design offers good compression and ideal fit, while featuring as few seams as possible for more comfort while reducing potential water infiltration zones. The lower is rounded out by the Progretto X2 Air seamless seatpad, which has proven to be a perfect design for comfort and protection for both cool weather and long hours in the saddle. it conforms to and moves with the body, reducing friction, without bunching.

Due to the versatile nature of the Nano Flex Pro Race Bibshort, Castelli opted for a supportive and soft full mesh bib upper for optimal moisture transfer and release. This allows you to select the layers, jersey weight, etc., without factoring in warmth from the bib. You may find the bibshort perfect for a 60 degree day with a lightweight long sleeve jersey and carry along a vest. That is harder to do with a thermal bib upper.

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  • Protection-level bib short is a great shoulder season piece, also ideal for cool rainy mountain rides
  • Nano Flex 3G fabric is water repellent, stretchy and warm thanks to the luxuriously soft brushed inside
  • Reduced seams for comfort and to prevent water from coming in during wet rides
  • Knee-length cut for extra warmth that doesn't require a gripper elastic
  • Mesh bibs don't add warmth to the upper body so you can dress for the conditions
  • Progetto X2 Air seamless seat pad for long hours in the saddle
  • Suggested temperature range: 54°-68°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large. XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 198 grams (Large)
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