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Clothing Bib Shorts

Castelli Premio Black Bib Shorts

The creation of the Inferno bib short came from the need for an extreme hot weather for the Garmin Team riders during the summer months. Castelli R&D worked with team riders to develop and produce this wonderful hot weather garment.

Construction of the Inferno bibs require the use of a whopping seven different task specific fabrics and textiles. And what is even more amazing is that 5 of these fabrics are only used in the Inferno garment. That's a good amount of development and production cost to go into one specific product, with no re-use of IP to go into other products. This may give you an insight to how dedicated and task orientated Castelli gets when it comes to producing racing apparel. As you would expect from a hot weather, summer garment, the bibs are very low volume (if you removed the chamois, you could roll the Inferno up in a softball size clump of material) and weight in an around 180 grams.

Castelli starts with all panels in white and then sublimates over them to gain color. This reduces the fabric temperature and helps regulate your body temp in hot weather. The inner panel that comes into contact with the saddle has a tough, abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon fabric. It is wear resistant but perforated, so it allows ventilation right through the chamois and inner thighs. Four individual panels are sewn onto the front and rear of the thighs which super vented through open-pore technology. We have yet to see a lighter fabric that has elastic qualities in any garment. The two outer side panels use a similar material, except not quite as perforated and more elastic, as it needs to provide more support in this area. The leg grippers are Castelli's proven Giro3 design and give a natural feeling extension and termination of the garment on your thighs. The Giro3 gripper manages to stay attached to your thigh without binding or applying too much pressure. The suspenders and upper is identical to the Free Aero Race bibs. This means they feature a wide and open frontal section which is void of any excess material leaving you with maximum ventilation by simply having no material present.

Seeing that the fabrics are thin and low volume and are going to be used in hot weather, Castelli incorporated titanium dioxide, the active ingredient in sunscreen, directly into the fabrics so that they reflect the sun's rays. This clever and unseen detail provides both protection and more cooling effects.

The Inferno bibs are finished off with the amazing Progetto X2 insert. This elastic insert features a two piece construction. The first piece is the base. This is the working part of the chamois which has three gel areas that are located at your sit bones and soft tissue areas and is sculpted for an anatomic fit. The second is a skin care layer that is bacteriostatic, soft and seamless to prevent chafing. When you combine these two parts into one unified chamois, you get one of the best cycling inserts ever produced. Due to the construction of the insert, you can pin the chamois into the bibs prior to stitching for a perfect, non-wrinkled fit.


  • Ultimate hot weather bib short
  • Synergy of 7 different fabrics bring maximum cooling effects
  • Giro3 single layer leg grippers
  • Race radio pocket (aka iPod pouch)
  • Progetto X2 Air perforated insert
  • Free styled perforated uppers
  • Low volume and light
  • Approx 180 grams
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