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Clothing Baselayers - Mens

The Prosecco Tech Short Sleeve baselayer from Castelli is an ideal next-to-skin lightly thermal layer for high output racing or training. With two different weight thermal fabrics, both with exceptional moisture wicking and thermal value for its weight, it has been purpose built as the foundation of a optimal layering approach. All successive layers need to be fast wicking as well, else the moisture will stay too close to the skin.

As such, the first goal of the Prosecco Tech is to move moisture away from your skin while adding minimal insulation for those cool days when your riding intensity is high enough and your outer layers are warm enough. The fabrics have extreme stretch capabilities so the fabric will be completely against the skin at all times for maximum effectiveness. The areas covered by the bibtight around the waist and up the back can get hot, so we used a lightweight PrimaLoft® fabric to help even out the temperature. This baselayer features body mapping construction with Prosecco hydrophilic treatment on the proprietary stretch rib knit 100% polyester main body fabric and lighter-weight PrimaLoft® fabric panels aligned with the waist and back areas where the bib upper becomes a second layer. The ensures a more consistent heat level throughout.

Meant to be ideal from about 50-68°F, the Prosecco Tech Short Sleeve fits well under bibs and other heavier layers. The collar is a crew neck cut, so it will integrate better with short collared jerseys, and the panels have been aligned for the best fit and overall comfort in an aggressive riding position. The unisex sizing offers great range, and when cared for properly, the stretch and fit will hold up season after season.

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  • Fast wicking, thin and minimally thermal, SS baselayer with heat managing panels at waist and back
  • Skin tight fit for optimal wicking performance and thermal retention
  • Perfect next-to-skin layer for high output cold weather racing/training with proper layering transitions
  • Proprietary stretch rib knit 100% polyester primary fabric w/ Prosecco hydrophilic treatment for maximum wicking
  • PrimaLoft® panels at waist and back where bibtight covers upper body, to reduce uneven insulation
  • Crew neck close collar to fit under short-collared jerseys
  • Suggested temp range: 50°-681°F
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 114 grams (Large)
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