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Clothing Socks - Womens

Castelli Rosso Corsa W 11 Sock

The Castelli Rosso Corsa W 11cm cuff height sock was designed specifically around the general foot shape and requirements of the a women's cycling sock. The placement and positioning of features are tailored to slightly narrower feet, with less overall volume then the unisex/Men's version. This is important as the Rosso Corsa W 11 is very similar to the Rosso Corsa Pro in yarn and design, and that sock has highly specific design elements in anatomic, asymmetric locations. The same can be said for this sock, just in the Women's version. If you look closely at the two, the major difference beyond the design sizing is in the height of the mesh knit. On the Rosso Corso Pro, it carries up off the fore foot and into the cuff area. On this Rosso Corsa W, it stops on the mid foot, about shoe height, of the this 11cm tall cuff sock.

With patience and superior knowledge of sock requirements from their long sponsorship of numerous pro cycling teams, the team at Castelli had many advantages in designing this sock. By tapping into their experience with Meryl Skinlife yarns, a premium option and an industry leader, the designers used multiple-structure knit to get the exact proper performance in every segment of the sock design- a top foot cool mesh, padded forefoot, compression midfoot, and even a reflective tab on the rear. Overall, a 200-needle with excellent stretch was used, but an asymmetrical right/left specific construction was employed to mirror the shape of each foot, rather than rely simply on stretch to get the proper fit and feel. The overall sensation is that of a skin-like layer that won't bunch or pull, preventing pressure points and chafing. The Meryl Skinlife yarns also contain naturally antimicrobial silver ions, which inhibit odor build-up in conjunction with the hydrophilic properties of the yarns themselves, keeping you feet as dry, cool and fresh as possible on the hottest summer days and hardest efforts.


  • High performance summer cycling sock, with a mid-tall height cuff design, exceptional fit and feel
  • Meryl® Skinlife yarns with antimicrobial silver ions to reduce odor
  • Multiple-structure knit to get the right performance in every part of the sock
  • 200-needle construction for extra stretch
  • Compressive midfoot support band
  • Asymmetrical right/left specific construction to mirror shape of foot
  • Cushioning pad under ball of foot
  • Reflective tab at center back
  • Cuff height: 11cm
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL
  • Colors: Black, White, Celeste, Black/White
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