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The Sanremo 3.2 has as few seam transtions as possible, with even the gripper being knitted, not sewn to the short material. This one piece Power Stretch Lycra material has great stretch and excellent compression despite its incredible light weight.

The special sauce, if you will, is the usage of the new Aero Race 5.1 material in the upper. This fabric has measured up to 12 watts faster than previous versions, and has gotten lighter, with excellent cooling capabilities. The amazing polyester blends used in the Velocity Dry fabric are so effective at keeping moisture out that this suit can be worn in the rain or incredible humidity. This is a crucial factor in heat release, as water can become a limiting factor, and when racing at threshold output and beyond, the ability to manage heat is crucial. The controlled stretch of the Velocity Dry also keep the soft fibers skin tight for comfort, compression, and maximum aerodynamic value. The dimpled effect of the Aero Race 5.0 3D fabric found on the shoulders, back, and sleeves enhances airflow over the surface and reduces laminar drag. Mesh arm bands keep the sleeves in place without restriction or pressure points.

Like every great racing garment, the Sanremo 3.2 Speed Suit still delivers three rear pockets, which still tightly at the lower back. The front zipper runs down to the short section, and an overlapping piece of fabric sits between the skin and zipper to eliminate discomfort. Castelli designers claim that this suit is possibly the fastest bit of kit ever invented for road racing, and the pro results come down heavily in their favor. Will it be fast enough for you?

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  • Possibly the fastest bit of kit ever invented for road racing
  • Body Paint lower portion combined with new Aero Race 5.0 upper portion
  • Wind tunnel results show a full 12 watts faster than the previous industry-leading model
  • Full zip with overlapping front opening
  • 3 rear pockets with limited-stretch back keeps pockets in place
  • New improved, softer Progetto X2 Air seat pad for even greater comfort
  • Weight: 255 grams (Medium)
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