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CatEye Padrone Stealth Edition Computer

The Padrone has been out best selling, "simple" wireless bike computer for several years. Easy to use and wonderfully reliable, this computer delivers on Cateye's tradition of functional excellence. The Padrone Stealth Edition Computer adds a twist, or as Cateye offers, an inversion. In this case the screen is now black, with white characters (as opposed to white with black characters). It's a cool and simple way to offer a different version, but is actually very helpful who find a white background is harder to read off in high sun with dark glasses on. Cateye is also adding in their Outfront style mount with the Padrone Stealth Edition Computer.

The Padrone Stealth is ideal for the cyclist who requires a simple, but useful wireless bike computer. Not everyone wants advanced data and features, but may be more interested in speed and mileage information that is easy to read and interact with while riding. The Padrone Stealth offers Cateye's largest viewing screen and simple ClickTec technology. The viewing screen is substantially larger than the Urban and Strada computers, two of Cateye's historically popular models, yet is slimmer. ClickTec refers to the "button" you use to change the screen, which easily enough, is the screen itself. No fumbling around for a small rubber piece while riding, just press the lower half of the rocker-style screen to change modes. Cateye has been using this system for several years, and the simplicity and reliability it offers are frequently commented on by our customers who use it.

From the downhill mountain biker to the farsighted cyclist, the Padrone Stealth is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a squint-free ride and a fast, simple set-up. Cateye provides the extremely versatile and simple flex mount that will attach to every bar and most stems. Due to the universal mount system Cateye uses across the line, you can also opt to purchase extra mounts, like the orginal FlexTite style. The head unit clicks securely into place and though easy to release, it cannot happen accidentally. The Padrone Stealth Edition Computer leads the pack and will keep you in control at all times.


  • Stealth edition features an inverted screen concept, with white characters on a black background and includes Outfront style mount
  • Slim profile, large screen, wireless bike computer for speed and mileage
  • ClickTec rocker-style head unit to easily control mode changes
  • Speed: Current, Maximum, Average
  • Distance (MPH, Km/H): Total (odometer- programmable), Trip
  • Cateye universal speed sensor is easy to install on any fork, simple to pair with head unit, comes with spoke magnet; incredibly reliable
  • Clock: 12/24 hour, Elapsed time
  • Other features: Auto start/stop, pace arrow, dual tire size, includes Outfront mount; CR2032 battery used in both head unit and speed sensor
  • Dimensions: 67.5 x 43.0 x 14.5mm
  • Weight: 31.5 grams
  • Made in Japan