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Small Parts Derailleur

CeramicSpeed 11-Speed Coated Titanium Pulley Wheel Set

Machined titanium derailleur pulleys with ceramic bearings? Coated bearing races that further reduce friction and ensure longevity? When you are serious enough to be searching for every way to reduce weight and friction from your bike and mechanical system, you will come quickly to your derailleur pulleys. Not so much for a reduction in weight, but to reduce friction to a minimum within the drivetrain. Titanium pulleys aen't any lighter than aluminum, but they do last much longer, and will likely outlive your derailleur. It may seem obsessive, but cyclists and triathletes can be obsessive about the details. It is one of our Type-A qualities. But seriously, many of us do look for every possible upgrade or advantage. It doesn’t matter if you are a Cat 2 pushing for Cat 1 or pro, or if you are just the type of cyclist who has to upgrade, has to tinker, has to run latex tubes, etc.

CeramicSpeed has been making high quality machined derailleur pulley wheels for well over a decade, and the titanium version complements the aluminum line. The state of the art ceramic balls used in these sculpted beauties are a cut above what you find elsewhere. Internal and external testing has shown a measurable drop in drivetrain resistance (the amount varies with system, gearing combinations, etc). The titanium pulley itself is lighter than most stock pulleys and will last much much longer. The sculpted wheel itself is designed for the drivetrain it is intended for. Your pulley wheels spin the fastest out of all your bearing set-ups. It makes sense that a high quality bearing and pulley wheel can reduce friction and save you wattage over a long event.

To give even greater protection and reduced friction, a super thin (2 microns) protective coating is applied to the bearing races. This further increases the resistance of the bearing to corrosion or damage from foreign object. Keep in mind that these bearings require lubrication. CeramicSpeed provides the proper oil and instructions you will need to keep your bearings spinning easily at high speed. Step up, be obsessive, and get the most you can out of your equipment with CeramicSpeed Titanium Pulley Wheels


  • Precision machined titanium pulley wheels for 11-speed rear derailleurs
  • Highest quality ceramic balls, hardened races and low-friction seals
  • Super thin (2 microns) protective coating is applied to the bearing races
  • Spacers are included for specific rear derailleur brand/models
  • Bearings are serviceable using CeramicSpeed approved cleaners and lube
  • CeramicSpeed lubricant and instructions included
  • 11-Speed derailleur options: Shimano
  • Color: Titanium
  • Hand assembled in Denmark