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Small Parts Derailleur

CeramicSpeed 11-Speed Pulley Wheel Set (12-Tooth)

CeramicSpeed's OSPW pulley system offers real overall friction advantages, but some cyclists choose to keep their stock pulley cage and simply upgrade the pulley wheels. The 12-tooth narrow-wide design on these machined aluminum CeramicSpeed pulleys decreases chain articulation and ensures a crisp but smooth chain engagement on-to and off-of each pulley, moving on and off pulleys without additional drag.

Of course the focus of CeramicSpeed's rise to glory has been the Silicon Nitride balls they use in the hardened steel races to offer real reduction in friction within in the drivetrain. The Grade 3 balls add longevity as well. Keep in mind you do need to service and lubricate these bearings per the instructions to keep them rolling smoothly and gain the long-life. The process is simple and CeramicSpeed includes their lubricating oil.

These 12-tooth pulleys are developed, designed and handbuilt in Denmark and come with separate dust covers to fit 9100, R8000, RX, GRX, XT and XTR series 11-speed derailleurs.


  • Proven 12-tooth pulley wheel upgrade system with CeramicSpeed bearings, design
  • Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls with hardened steel races
  • Machined aluminum pulleys made for specific drivetrains, with narrow-wide tooth design
  • Design decreases chain articulation and ensures a crisp chain engagement on to and off of each pulley
  • Compatible Shimano 11-speed Rear Derailleurs:
    • Road: R9100 Mech, R9150 Di2, RD R8000 SS/GS Mech, R8050 SS/GS Di2, RX800 Mech, RX805 Di2
    • GRX: GRX 810 Mech, GRX 812 Mech, GRX 815 Di2, GRX 817 Di2
    • MTN: XT M8000 Mech, XT M8050 Di2, XTR M9000 Mech, XTR M9050 Di2
  • Includes: Two 12-tooth machined aluminum pulley wheels, Alloy Spacer Kit, CeramicSpeed Bearing Oil, 15ml
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Handbuilt in Denmark