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The SRAM DUB 28.99mm diameter bottom bracket/crank spindle interface has been brought to road drivetrains with the release of SRAM Red AXS 12-speed. The one diameter to rule them all simplifies SRAM's crank offerings, but still must be available for all the various frame standards, such as this model for BB30 shells that require a press-in 42mm diameter cup and external bearings. While you can opt for a stock SRAM model for your premium SRAM Red groupset, Denmark's Ceramic Speed offers you an option that saves you watts and energy by reducing friction with every turn of your crankset while avoiding the potential issues of press fit style BB's, as this BB30 SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket is an internal thread-together design .

The science and testing behind the efficacy and benefits of ceramic bearings is definitive, but all ceramic bearings are not made the same. Ceramic Speed bearings are harder, perfectly round, and widely surpass the quality standards of most ceramics on the market. With average lifespans of 3-5 times that of high-quality steel bearings, these Silicon Nitride offerings from the Danish company pay for themselves over time in longevity alone, never mind the mechanical and performance benefits gained. If you are a competitive cyclist or triathlete who seeks every component, accessory, and bike advantage, invest in the proven friction reduction of Ceramic Speed.

The BB30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket is designed for frames with the 42mm internal diameter press-fit standard, with a 68mm wide shell. The aluminum shell is machined to exacting tolerances, and no spacers are required for an ideal fit that is both efficient, stiff and quiet. Ceramic Speed's bearings ride in composite carriers and high-quality, steel races. The ceramic balls are polished to perfect smoothness, and should they make contact with a race, they won't damage it, but will actually serve to clean and eliminate any surface issues inside the race. Lubrication is specific to the Ceramic Speed system, as are the bearing seals. A syringe of the grease lubricant comes with the bottom bracket. Detailed instructions for installation and service come with the bottom bracket and can also be found on Ceramic Speed's Cycling website.

Properly installed, your thread together bottom bracket should not creak or make noise. The crankset will spin freely, with the absolute minimum resistance. Machining and hand-assembly is done in Denmark, with each part and the final assembly thoroughly inspected before shipping to distributors. The 121 gram bottom bracket delivers performance far in excess of standard options on the market. Save watts and energy with every pedal stroke as you optimize your equipment to fully realize your human potential with the Ceramic Speed BB30 SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket. Return to Top


  • BB30 BB shell direct to DUB spindle with highest quality hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Internal thread together design ensures quiet, reliable, replacement for press fit
  • Tested and proven to be the hardest, smoothest, roundest bearing available
  • Reduce friction with every pedal stroke, ensuring energy is converted to power
  • Shells are aluminum, machined to exacting tolerances
  • Ceramic Speed's Silicon Nitride ball bearings, composite carrier, steel races
  • Proper installation and maintenance required to maximize performance
  • Designed for BB30 framesets with 42mm ID press-fit frames, 68mm width shell, requiring external bearings
  • Compatible with: SRAM DUB 28.99mm spindle cranksets for 68mm wide BB's
  • Includes: Bottom bracket cups, grease
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 121 grams
  • Hand assembled in Denmark
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