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Ceramicspeed makes it easy to to run UFO chain treatment by offering pre-treated chains. Professionally applied UFO lubricant is properly dried and factory sealed. This allows you to have a UFO treated drivetrain without the headache of the cleaning and application process.

The unique application process sees the lube applied in liquid form which soon transforms to a hard and non-static coating. The harder form generates far less friction than standard chain lube. You can think of it as a liquid-applied dry lubricant that offers friction reduction.The hardened composition also acts as a coating to protect you chain from the elements. This coating gets refreshed with every lubrication to keep the chain protected and running properly. Best practice is to clean the chain and reapply UFO drip every 125 miles.

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  • Pre-applied and dried UFO treated chain
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lowest friction tested lubricant
  • Reapply every 125 miles
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