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Road Handlebars

Victory at the highest levels of sport comes is often defined by impressive preparation, attention to detail, and decision making. When engineering the S5 aero road bike Cervelo sought every aerodynamic advantage from the fully integrated design. To match that attention to detail in service of reducing drag to save watts, the Aero Road handlebar was developed. The broad, aero wing shape conforms to the UCI's 3:1 requirement, and has been tested to reduce drag over a standard road handlebar to the tune of 4.4 watts saved at 30 mph. Preparation is a multi-fold process. Coaching, training, recovery, and equipment choices. On race day optimal results are achieved when these coalesce into success. With precious little separating you from the competition, every watt saved can be applied when the decisive move comes. No matter the level you compete at, there are always other riders at your level. The rule-abiding, most competitive riders invest in the best frame, wheels, helmet, etc., to showcase their talent and preparation. These are the cyclists who will select the Cervelo Aero Road Handlebar. What type of rider are you?

The all-carbon construction of this impressive handlebar allows Cervelo to fully dictate not only the curves, shapes and aerodynamics, the exact character of those features. Despite the aero shape, the bar is considered a "compact" design, with a 80mm reach and 120mm drop. While many bars have the shorter reach and bend radius that allow for a flat set-up with today's longer body shift road shift levers, the engineers seem to have truly hit a sweetspot, as lever set-up is nearly perfect with any design. The drop extensions themselves drop straight down- no flare here- which is not surprising as the frontal surface becomes the leading edge into the wind, and the bar must meet this challenge across its full width. As you would expect from Cervelo, cable routing has been completely integrated into the bar design, with a sleek internal routing system that works with electronic or mechanical systems.

The large wing has two distinct features. First is the arrow-like front wedge, which takes onrushing airflow over and around the body of the bar and the stem interface. Second, there is a void zone within the wing for the stem mount. it is enclosed by the bar, and carries a textured surface for stem purchase. Most stems with a full 31.8mm stem opening and a removable faceplate can easily be installed. Designs such as the Ritchey C260 and C220 will not work, and it is possible that some other models with angled bolt entry may be challenging to fasten properly. Another potential problem for some riders is computer or head unit set-up. Cervelo's wind tunnel testing demonstrates that out front style mounts actually inhibit aerodynamics with the aero shape of the bar and that using a stem body mount, even with a larger head unit such as the Garmin Edge 1000, has no impact on the drag reductions created by the bar. If your head unit can only be mounted on the bar (most SRM standard designs, Pioneer), unless the manufacturer or an aftermarket supplier develop an option you likely won't choose this bar.

As far as stiffness and ride quality, the Aero Road Handlebar delivers impressive leverage and stiffness under the most powerful sprint. At the same time, the construction and extremely well informed carbon fiber lay-up effectively damp road vibration and harsh impact, yet still delivers the positive sense of connection to the road that pro riders require. As a highly subjective topic, positive road feel is a personal preference and is also dictated by tire selection, air pressure used, wheel and fork stiffness and construction, as well as handlebar tape. And yet it can be felt, or sensed, if you prefer. Some carbon wing-style bars have been too flexy, and others so stiff and wooden-like in their feel, that the best bars stand out easily. Among the select few of top offerings, the Cervelo Aero Road Handlebar is our choice for the top of the podium, and if it meets your personal requirements, it will play an important role in helping you realize your competitive aspirations.

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  • Carbon aerodynamic wing-type handlebar from cycling's top engineering company
  • 4.4 watt aero advantage over a standard road handlebar
  • Mount wing parallel to ground for optimal aerodynamics
  • Meets UCI 3:1 requirement for all competition
  • All-carbon construction makes for strong and stiff, yet let lightweight bar
  • Developed in conjunction with Cervelo S5 via systems approach for full integration
  • Compact reach and drop with perfect radius for contemporary shift lever mounting
  • Stiff under load, yet offers vibration and impact damping for excellent ride quality
  • Internal cable routing for electronic, hydraulic or mechanical shifting systems
  • No option for out front style computer mounts, stem body mount required
  • Will work with most 31.8mm stems with fully open, removable face plate design
  • Reach / Drop measurements: 80mm / 120mm
  • Widths: 38, 40, 42, 44cm (center to center)
  • Color: Matte UD carbon
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