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The Cervelo Aspero gravel race bike hit the market strong, and though it is a race-driven design, the Aspero quickly became the gravel option of choice for a wide range of cyclists, including road riders looking to extend their horizons. With adept handling, great power transfer and a sleek look, the Aspero has been fun, fast, and forward thinking. Still, Cervelo fans, dealers, and pure racers wondered if there was going to be lighter, faster version, which is expressed in Cervelo's world as a 5 bike, such as in S5, R5, P5, Caledonia-5. These models offer real upgrades in terms of reduced weight, greater lateral stiffness, increased emphasis on aerodynamics, and component grades. For all who have been waiting, here it is, the Aspero-5, perhaps the true gravel race version, with higher grade carbon fiber, a new lay-up schedule and major refinements that drive performance higher.

The Aspero-5 Frameset retains the popular, proven Aspero geometry and Trail Mixer fork chip system, as well as an appearance with tube shapes that are largely the same. A closer inspection indicates a fully internal wiring and housing system, and a refined headtube. The Aspero-5 has the D-shaped fork steerer tube design seen on other 5-series bikes, which in combination with the included Carbon AB09 16° Flared Carbon Handlebar and Cervélo ST32 Alloy Stem, work with the steerer and the frame to bring the routing internal from the levers on back. An All-Carbon Tapered Áspero Fork with Adjustable Trail and headtube shape offer refined aerodynamics, enhanced by the internal routing. Not only is a completed bike visually clean- but faster. Cervelo's internal testing measures aero improvement at 32G of reduced drag over the standard Aspero.

Cervelo made some intelligent choices, such as carrying over the 27.2mm round seatpost, which offers the rider more options, including the opportunity to run a dropper post. The Aspero-5 includes the compliant carbon Cervelo SP19 27.2mm seatpost. Again, given this is a race oriented bike, the frame and fork deliver clearance necessary for 650b x 51mm tires, or 700c x 43mm tires with at least 4mm on either side to spare. Cervelo is cognizant that for many of the longest, harshest events were capability and speed must be balanced with bike control, many racers will opt for 650b/27.5" wheels and may also want a dropper post. Is this all riders? No, but the option is there, without weight penalty and it doesn't pertain just to racers. The Aspero has been one of our best selling bike and frame options since it's release and plenty of road riders who just love to tear up gravel, doubletrack and connecting trails run 650b tires. The key is maintaining the proper geometry for excellent handling.

The engineers were particularly focused on making sure the Aspero and Aspero-5 handled properly. Cervelo is using their Trail Mixer system to allow the rider to keep effective fork Trail at 62mm. Larger variations in tire size effect the rearward position of the tire- affecting handling and toe-overlap clearance. By using off center, bolt-in 12mm thru-axle drop outs, the rider can select the +5 forward position or the -5 rear position of the axle. With a 700x42 gravel tire set-up, the +5mm forward is the proper position for best active handling and nimble bike control. If you moved it to the -5mm rearward position, it would slow the handling down, perhaps better for long, flat rides on firmer, smoother, less technical surfaces. The principles of Trail set-up come down to the outside diameter of a mounted tire and desired handling characteristics to determine your Trail Mixer set-up. Cervelo has a more complete explanation of the mechanically simple Trail Mixer system on their website so you can select your option based on tire size and handling preference.

What is amazing about geometry of the Aspero is that isn't road-like, but it feels like a more natural transition from a road bike than most gravel race designs. The handling speed and control are there, and the toptube measurements are longer, with the frame center of gravity pushed back a little, while a shorter length stem is used to control the front end. When you take it out on the road, perhaps to transition to your gravel access, the Aspero-5 won't feel awkward or uncomfortable, yet it will handle gravel and even twisty singletrack with aplomb.

Along with the frameset, which includes the stem, handlebar and seatpost, Cervelo also adds several of their accessories, including the Stem Faceplate Computer/Accessory mount, Rear Accessory Mount, and Smartpak 400A Top Tube Storage Bag. A proprietary stem spacer kit in also included. Proper fork installation and full front-end set-up are best left to Cervelo dealers, or any competent mechanic who can follow explicit instructions. One tip: always ensure you have a some extra wire or housing length to work with. In our decades of experience with Cervelo, the 5-series bikes have been well worth the upgrade for those looking for premium performance and refinement. The Aspero-5 offers measurable benefits these cyclists will embrace and apply to their fullest.

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  • Premium grade gravel race carbon frameset that improves on original design
  • Upgraded carbon fiber, and lay-up schedule for stiffer, faster design with aerodynamic improvements
  • Use of D-shaped, tapered carbon fork steerer design, with included bar & stem for full wire/housing integration including dropper post
  • Change allows for more aero headtube design and reduced drag from integrated routing
  • Lower, more stable road-like feel from overall geometry, chainstay length, BB drop
  • Accepts 700c x 43mm tires / 650b x 51mm tires; minimum 4mm side clearance
  • Trail Mixer fork dropouts can be switched for +/- 5mm selectable fork offset; 62mm optimal Trail
  • Forward position=decreased trail=faster handling | Rearward position=increased trail=slower handling
  • Trail Mixer design maintains BB drop, effective headtube angle in any setting
  • Squoval.Max tube designs, enlarged and enhanced for rough surfaces; fork/downtube integration
  • Large downtube BBright bottom bracket shell transitions deftly into oversized dropped stays
  • Carbon lay-up, round seatpost, larger volume tires contribute to rider comfort
  • 1x/2x compatible, with mechanical or electronic shifting systems; removable braze-on FD mount
  • Frameset includes:
  • Aspero-5 Carbon frame & Carbon, Tapered Áspero-5 Fork with Adjustable Trail
  • Handlebar: Carbon AB09 16° Flared Carbon, 31.8mm
  • Stem: Cervélo ST32 Alloy, 31.8, (for Cervelo D-shaped fork steerer tube, integrated routing)
  • Component specifics by frame size
    • 48cm Bar width: 38c-c, Stem length: 70mm
    • 51cm Bar width: 40c-c, Stem length: 80mm
    • 54cm/56cm Bar width: 42c-c, Stem length: 90mm
    • 58cm/61cm Bar width: 44-c-c, Stem length: 100mm
  • Seatpost: Cervelo SP19 Carbon 27.2mm round (48-54cm Zero offset, 56-61cm, 25mm setback)
  • FSA IS-2 1¼ x 1½" Headset, with Cervelo spacer kit
  • Cervelo DT-style threaded thru-axles: 12/100mm fork, 12/142mm rear
  • Cervelo accessories: Stem Faceplate Computer/Accessory mount, Rear Accessory Mount, and Smartpak 400A Top Tube Storage Bag, Downtube Protector
  • Colors: Purple Sunset, Five Black, Bronze Chameleon
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61 cm
  • Weight: 924 grams (actual, 54cm bare)
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