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Road Framesets

Cervelo has come to believe that the pure road cycling world is evolving, and while there will always be a true race bike that is super light, fast, and quick-handling, the modern road bike requires capability for larger tires, more stability- but moderately fast handling, and power transfer efficiency expected of a race bike. This modern road bike shrugs at notorious urban roads, cobbles, chip seal, and floats over the smoothest pavement. Enter the Caledonia-5, an exemplar of Cervelo's understanding that fast handling isn’t always better, and the how the company is evolving toward bike designs with handling and overall development informed by specific needs. The inspiration was the multi-surface Paris-Roubaix, the Spring Classic that is harder on bikes than any other race on the calendar, with zero margin for error. After drawing from some specific history with the team-only, Roubaix-winning R3 Mud, and the R3 the teams used in 2019, the engineers increased the rear center, lowered the BB, and increased the trail while adding tire volume space and better rough surface deflection. Relatively speaking the handling is still fast enough to be corner and descent-friendly but with added rougher surface stability. The result is a speedy bike that is versatile and well mannered, with great overall capability

The creation of the Caledonia-5 began with this recognition of modern road cycling and a sense of where it is going. This is a pure endurance race bike, unlike the previous C-Series endurance options, which were great bikes with more relaxed geometry, and greater comfort. Caledonia is race-bred, with much more surface versatility than a Grand Tour ready design. With capacity for 34mm tires (31mm with fenders), the more stable handling, disc-only frameset has different overall geometry numbers but Stack and Reach the same as an R-Series. The frame design and cockpit set-up allow for most cyclists a reasonable fit, and unlike with the R5/R3 geometry differences, both Caledonia frame-level options share the same geometry. Much was learned from the years R-Series development and combined with the knowledge gained from the Aspero design process, the engineers found a great balance of speed, comfort, clearance and handling while maintaining the aesthetic cleanliness Cervelo's riders demand. That cleanliness is far from just aesthetic- you know it’s going to be fast because there’s nothing interrupting the flow of air over the front end.

Aero considerations are just as much a part of the Caledonia as any Cervelo, as is the combination of tubes, carbon lay-up, and integrated features. The company's proven library of tube shapes is at the core of every bike design and these well tested and proven tube shapes all have different known attributes. Cervelo believes one can’t cheat physics. Triangulation and the force required to deflect is at the heart of the "double-diamond" frame design. The engineers know how their tube shapes behave, and it’s a matter of placing them in a layout that achieves the desired compliance based on that deflection. The simplest solution is almost always the best. Lower modulus carbon in key areas complements the high modulus materials to mitigate the brittleness of hi-mod fiber- the bike isn’t delicate. Just as with the change in handling speed over less than pure surfaces, the design team is aware that if cyclists are more comfortable, they’ll be more confident, and they’ll ride or race faster and further. In the Caledonia-5 you'll see the tapered aero headtube, use of Squoval and aero tube shapes, D-shaped carbon post, and a new fork and steerer.

The full length C-shaped integrated steerer comes evolved from the S3, with a unique split ring allowing semi-internal brake hose and Di2 from the HB13 Carbon bar, into a more outwardly traditional ST31 Carbon stem (which fits specifically onto the C-shaped steerer) for a fully internal cable routing system. The more standard stem design allows you to change the stack height using a split spacer system, for above and below the stem. If you have an summer/race fit, you can go lower, but for indoor training or winter riding position, you can bring the stem up- without much fuss. The system is easier to manage than the S3 version, with the added fit flexibility. Of course the entire fork is all new for the Caledonia-5, with features you'd expect: Flat Mount disc, 12/100mm thru-axle, as well as integrated fender mounts. You find these on the rear and well, along with 12/142mm rear dropout. The lever action Cervelo Indexed Thru-Axles are easy to use; quick for wheel changes.

In just a few short years road cycling has evolved; with slightly wider 28mm tires becoming 700x30 plus, and gravel has gone from an edge case of long distance crazies to a dominant category. We see road cycling at all levels continuing to embrace more capable bikes and tires, and the Caledonia-5 can be the ideal foundation of your next true road bike, whether racing or just combining pavement, hardpack dirt roads, and urban corridors to tackle long days in the saddle. For so many cyclists, that has always been the goal, or a dream. The carbon cockpit equipped Caledonia 5 frameset can deliver these experiences, and now you get to build it up exactly how you want- every detail. Electronic? Yes. Wireless? Yes. Wired? Yes. 1x, 2x mechanical, with the wheels, tires, tape and saddle of your choice. Build your dream bike and tackle those goals to allow you to dream further, faster.

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  • Modern road race-level frameset with new geometry, increased tire clearance, quick but stable handling and tuned ride and stiffness for serious endurance events and training sessions
  • Aero integration of individual components of bar, stem, steerer through headtube but still easily adaptable for range of fit requirements
  • Stiffness: 222 Nm/mm BB / 105 Nm/deg
  • Higher grade UD carbon used in Caledonia-5 frameset to save weight, add performance
  • Lower modulus carbon in key areas complements the high modulus materials ensure resilience, compliance, and better overall feel
  • Proper blend of Squoval.Max and aero tube designs, matched to function/use of Caledonia-5
  • Full carbon tapered Caledonia 5 fork (w/ proprietary headset), C-shape steerer, thru-axle, Flat Mount disc
  • Frame/fork accept 700x34mm tires, 700x31mm use w/ fenders on integrated frame/fork mounts
  • Fork features aero integration to downtube with larger, stouter crown design
  • C-shaped steerer with split washer/spacer designs rout housing/wires from stem into frame
  • Large downtube BBright shell transition deftly into oversized dropped chainstays
  • Carbon lay-up, stay design, carbon seatpost, larger volume tires all contribute to compliance
  • Internal, integrated wire/cable/hose options for 1x, 2x drivetrains (w/ removable FD mount)
  • Cervelo Indexed Thru-Axles w/ Lever: 12/100mm fork, 12/142mm rear
  • Includes: Cervelo ST31 Carbon Stem, HB13 Carbon Handlebar, SP24 Carbon D-Post, FSA IS2 1-1/4 x 1-1/2" headset
  • Component specifics by frame size:
    • 48cm Bar: 38c-c, Stem: 80mm, Post: Zero offset
    • 51cm Bar: 40c-c, Stem: 90mm, Post: Zero offset
    • 54cm/56cm Bar: 42c-c, Stem: 100mm, Post: 15mm setback
    • 58cm/61cm Bar: 44-c-c, Stem: 110mm, Post:15mm setback
  • Note: Component Specifications are subject to change without notice due to supply chain challenges
  • Accessories: Stem Faceplate Front Computer/Light Mount, Rear Accessory Mount, Removable Fender Mounts
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61 cm
  • Color: Five Black, Aqua Pearl
  • Weight: 936 grams (54cm frame only)
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Size 48 51 54 56 58 61
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700 700
Stack 505mm 530mm 555mm 580mm 605mm 630mm
Reach 360mm 369mm 378mm 387mm 396mm 405mm
Head Angle 70.5° 71.5° 72° 72° 72° 72°
Seat Angle 74.5° 74° 73.5° 73° 73° 73°
Top Tube Length 502mm 522mm 543mm 565mm 581mm 598mm
Head Tube Length 89.5mm 109.9mm 136mm 162.3mm 191.2mm 217.5mm
Standover 701mm 741mm 773mm 796mm 823mm 847mm
Fork Trail 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Fork Offset 59mm 53mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 76.5mm 76.5mm 74mm 74mm 71.5mm 71.5mm
Front Center 579.4mm 581.7mm 591.5mm 608.5mm 626mm 643mm
Wheelbase 962.2mm 984.5mm 995.2mm 1012.3mm 1030.7mm 1047.8mm
Chainstay Length 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm
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