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Cervelo has evolved their P-series bikes with updated frame designs and complete build packages that enhance aerodynamics, improve drivetrain efficiency and overall torsional resistance from the headtube back through the frame. Long gone is the P3 designation, with that frame level simply becoming the P-Series. Built here as a mid-range complete event bike, this Cervelo P Ultegra Bicycle triathlon/aero package demonstrates significant performance with an Ultegra R8000 11-speed drivetrain build featuring Microshift aero bar shifters, Riderever hydraulic braking system and a DT Swiss wheelset. The build includes aero storage and hydration accessories that help to reduce drag while offering simplicity and convenience as part of this impressive complete package.

Cervelo created the P-Series for a single mission: to go from Point A to Point B as quick possible. The P-Series is a no-nonsense speed machine engineered for pure, nonsensical fastness. The engineers went back to the drawing board of the P3, improving every facet. The P-Series features better air economy, improved stiffness and comfort. It has been designed with discipline, focus, style and swagger with every pedal stroke propelling human and machine through the air with ease, turning watts into wins. How? Start with torsional frame stiffness. The P-Series frameset is 18% stiffer at BB than P3. Headtube and general tube refinement from dropout to dropout combine with that BBright Asymmetric bottom bracket zone and the result is a borderline ridiculous 30% improvement in overall torsional stiffness. The P3 has been one of the most decorated framesets in the triathlon world, so to see such massive improvements is wholly impressive, and we haven't even mentioned that the P-Series frame is 9% lighter, or examined aerodynamics yet.

A quick look at the P3 and P-Series designs allows the viewer to see the similarities, but a closer look demonstrates the aerodynamic refinements that deliver impressive results. Clearly Cervelo has also been able to develop a new carbon lay-up to deliver the impressive stiffness and lighter weight, but those are generally internal. Aerodynamic changes can be very subtle but seen in three areas; frontal shapes, transitions from tube to tube and juncture to juncture, with the third being the integration of components and aero accessories- all taken together with proven wind tunnel and CFD testing, but also with respect to how the rider position and physical interaction impact the true overall aerodynamic picture. Cervelo has tested the P-Series at 26g faster than P3 bare, and 18g faster loaded. Every improvement, every detail, every struggle all serve to create a faster design, with many incremental changes adding up to more speed, delivered more efficiently, saving you watts of effort as you go faster.

There are some key points to mention. While the frame cable routing system is fully internal, and mostly integrated, Cervelo made a strategic decision to allow for the use of any standard stem, allowing for easier service, fit adjustments, and lower cost. The frame itself represents the deep history of Cervelo's engineering: the integrated fork, headtube, Dropped Downtube system, and the sculpted Extended Seattube Cutout that shields the rear wheel, the BBright concept. In addition to the continued development of those engineering feats, Cervelo modified the frame geometry as well to allow for increased stack and reach range. Where many will appreciate the infinite attention to detail is the coordinated storage and hydration features of the P-Series. The toptube Smartpack 400 bag system fills in perfectly behind the sleek cable routing entry, offering small item storage that is easily accessible while riding. The Aerobottle 500 sits flush against the downtube, blending into the seattube at the bottom bracket, with a shape that carries and guides are cleanly off the back. The massively adjustable aero carbon seatpost now has a mount off the back for a rear bottle mount. All of these features and selections are part of the full aero package.

With this complete P-Series Ultegra Disc Bicycle, the part selection was also considered with integrated aerodynamics in mind, especially the aerobar set-up and disc braking control components. The standard Ultegra R8000 11-speed 52-36 crankset, 11-30 cassette, CN701 chain, front and rear derailleurs keep the drivetrain smooth, quiet and efficient. Cervelo saved cost in using the Microshift 11-speed shifters, which work perfectly with the R8000 components. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Cervelo's use of the Riderever disc braking system, which is sleek, clean functional, and delivers better feel than the previous version used on this model.

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  • Sleek, faster P-Series complete bike w/ Ultegra 11-speed, Riderever hydraulic disc braking
  • Evolved P-Series frameset, with significant aerodynamic and stiffness advantages
  • 18% stiffer at BB than P3, 30% stiffer overall, while weighing 9% lighter
  • Tested the P-Series at 26g faster than P3 bare, and 18g faster loaded
  • Enhanced engineering across the board of all Cervelo technological features
  • Dropped Downtube, Extended Seat Cutout, BBright, internal routing system
  • Full carbon frame/fork, with tapered 1⅜; - 1⅛" steerer, IS-2 headset
  • Integrated features, accessories and component selection, w/standard stem
  • Improved geometry offers more stack/reach fit flexibility
  • Shimano R8000 equipped drivetrain with Microshift BS-A11s shifters, Cervelo BBright JY-BB 24 bottom bracket
  • Riderever Hydraulic Disc system: Trivia Carbon Levers, Trivia Calipers, RS02 160mm Disc Rotors
  • Cockpit: Zipp Vuka Alumina w/ Basebar/Extensions, Cervelo Alloy Stem
  • Post/Saddle: Cervelo SP23 Aero Tri carbon seatpost with rear bottle cage mount / Cervelo Tri Saddle
  • Integrated aerodynamic accessories: Smartpak 400, Aerobottle 500, Rear Hydration Mount (off seatpost)
  • Weight: 19.78 lbs (54cm)
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