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The Cervelo P5 frameset marks a revolutionary step in the realm of high-performance cycling, specifically in the time trial and triathlon segments. This frameset embodies Cervelo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics and speed, tailored for athletes who seek the cutting edge in cycling technology.

Central to the P5 Disc's prowess is its advanced aerodynamic profile. Carefully sculpted to minimize wind resistance, every aspect of the frame, from its TrueAero shapes to the streamlined silhouette, is designed to effortlessly cut through the air. This attention to aerodynamics ensures that the bike not only presents a visually striking profile but also delivers exceptional performance, especially in races against the clock.

Constructed with Cervelo's signature carbon layup technique, the P5 achieves a perfect blend of lightweight agility and robust stiffness. The high-modulus carbon fiber used in its construction provides the necessary rigidity for effective power transfer, allowing for instantaneous response and acceleration, all while maintaining a surprisingly light frame weight. A standout feature of the P5 Disc is its integrated disc brake system. This addition enhances the bike's control and stopping power significantly, a crucial advantage in high-speed descents and technical courses. The disc brakes also offer improved consistency in braking performance across various weather conditions, adding a layer of safety and confidence for the rider. Moreover, the P5 incorporates a fully integrated aero system, including a handlebar and stem combination that further refines the bike's aerodynamic efficiency. This system is not only designed for peak aerodynamic performance but also offers extensive adjustability to ensure an optimal and comfortable riding position for the cyclist.

The Cervelo P5 frameset is a testament to the fusion of speed, precision, and innovation. By combining advanced aerodynamics, lightweight yet strong carbon construction, and the superior braking power of disc brakes, it stands as an unrivaled choice for competitive cyclists aiming to elevate their performance to the highest level.

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  • Advanced aerodynamic profile with TrueAero shapes, minimizing wind resistance for superior performance in time trials and triathlons.
  • Lightweight and stiff high-modulus carbon fiber construction for efficient power transfer and responsive acceleration.
  • Integrated disc brake system enhancing control and stopping power, crucial for high-speed descents and varied weather conditions.
  • Fully integrated aero handlebar and stem system for peak aerodynamic efficiency and extensive adjustability for optimal rider positioning.
  • Cervelo's signature carbon layup technique balances agility and robustness, maintaining a light frame weight.
  • The Cervelo P5 frameset combines speed, precision, and innovation, ideal for competitive cyclists seeking top-tier performance.
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Size 48cm 51cm 54cm 56cm 58cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700
Stack 466mm 486mm 502mm 521mm 539mm
Reach 387mm 403mm 417mm 431mm 444mm
Head Angle 71° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
Seat Angle 75-79° 75-79° 75-79° 75-79° 75-79°
Top Tube Length 513-484mm 533-496mm 551-513mm 570-530mm 587-486mm
Head Tube Length 67.5mm 81mm 98mm 117mm 137mm
Standover 728mm 754mm 769mm 786mm 804mm
Fork Offset 52mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Front Center 582mm 583mm 602mm 622mm 640mm
Wheelbase 975mm 976mm 995mm 1015mm 1033mm
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