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Small Parts Seatpost

Cervelo P5 Seat Post Clamp

The aero seattube and seatpost design of the P5 requires a specific clamping system. Placed to the rear, and integrating with the top of the seattube, the P5 Seat Post Clamp features and angled wedge with two bolts that cinch the clamping wedge against the aero seatpost, fastening directly and stealthily into the frame.

Clearly this process requires a balanced approach to tightening the bolts, as you need to gradually tighten one, then the other, back and forth to keep the clamp equidistant to the frame. The mechanism must then be torqued, again side to side to the listed specification. This prevents frame and seatpost damage. Machined from aluminum, with stainless steel bolts, this system is precise and reliable.


  • Rearward wedge mounting system for Cervelo P5 framesets
  • Machined aluminum wedge mates perfectly to the aero post and frame
  • Two bolts fasten directly into the frameset for optimal security and safety
  • Always use even bolt tension and a torque wrench for final fitment