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A few years back Challenge borrowed its own, world famous, speed cyclocross tubular tread pattern, the Chicane, for it's Gravel Grinder clincher tire. Same pattern, larger casing and you have a fantastic gravel-speed tire. With the diamond knob file tread center and it's distinctive edge tread, the UCI legal 33mm Chicane is now available as a handmade Pro Series TLR tire. H-TLR was made to deliver what all tubeless systems intend- create the advantage of lower pressure with no pinch flats and gain advantages in traction, grip, and surface adherence that ensures speed and the ability to carry lines that only low pressure tubular use allowed before. The difference is tubeless is easier, more durable, and much more cost effective if not quite as supple as a tubular tire can be.

The surprising aspect of the Chicane Pro Series TLR it is actually more versatile than just a speed tire suited to dusty hardpack, rock or any firm terrain. Of course it delivers great speed on pavement for a cross tire, especially once it has worn a little, but it is also great on dry grass and oddly effective on ice. Many cross riders opt to use the Chicane for a rear with a more all-around tread like the Grifo up front. That means you can ride it early in the season then reinstall if for specific course conditions such as rock hard, dry frozen ground at the end of November, or break it out for an icy course the week before Christmas. We have found it to be effective in firm, wet sand as well, so once you gauge out the course and time race day schedule, you can choose the optimal tire for you. Many cross riders find a four tire rotation can get them through a season. How about a Chicane, two Grifo, and a Limus- all in TLR form?

Challenge builds the Chicane Pro Series TLR tire with it's 300 tpi SuperPoly casing, a lightweight fine weave of soft polyester fibers that is both supple and resilient- perfect for cross racing. You get added protection from the PPS puncture strip, which is constructed like a fabric, with properties that match the casing for excellent ride consistency. The components react, responds and roll faster as a result of this combination- which is ideal counterpart to the squarer center tread shape and design. Mounting a 33mm tire for low pressure use is pretty ideal. The tire is designed for max 23mm internal width rim, and can be run on hooked or hookless rims thanks to advanced construction for ETRTO and ISO standards on the H-TLR series.

Challenge calls for a pressure range from 26-35 psi. Rider weight and actual use will determine what works best for you, but we recommend starting at 29-31psi. We find that going softer is best on rough hardpack when you need more overall footprint and grip. The tire is much faster when firm enough to really maximize the tread. Going softer may improve cornering, but won't really assist you much in sand or mud. Classic cyclocross riders carried and ran more, knowing that this approach was faster than riding. Of course these riders also excelled at mounting and dismounting, skills that not everyone can master. If you are a gravel rider, or a cyclist who trains a lot on loose, soft or mixed terrain, you will likely favor Chicane pressures in the 32-34 psi range with a high level of confidence and ultimate safe speeds. On race day as the terrain is worn in by previous races, you will likely drop it down, especially on courses with off-camber matted grass or soft corners when edge bit really matters. Either way, have fun and ride fast!

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  • Super fast rolling tire providing maximum control on dry hardpack, wet grass, and icy conditions
  • Can be paired as a rear with a more capable tire like the Grifo up front
  • Optimized for 33mm WAM for UCI events, when mounted on rims with an internal width of up to 23mm
  • Features fast rolling, short biting knobs in the center and a directional shoulder tread that hooks up nicely and offers real grip in corners or at lowest pressure
  • Challenge H-TLR tires meet the current ETRTO and ISO standard and are hookless compatible and can be run with or without a tube on hooked rims as well
  • 300 tpi SuperPoly casing is supple, with weave that resists damage from torsion
  • Puncture Protection System is a light and flexible extra layer that is incorporated under the tread to reduce the risk of punctures by thorns or stones
  • Aramid TLR bead offers minimal-stretch, great hold and seal
  • This is a race-oriented tire and is best paired with Challenge Smart Sealant
  • Pressure range: 26 - 35 psi
  • Color: Black/Tan
  • Weight: 387 grams (actual)
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