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The Challenge Criterium RS TLR Tire is designed to strike an ideal balance between speed, grip and durability, while also providing superior control and shock absorption. This is largely attributed to Criteriums RS's handmade construction. It features a 350tpi Corespun Cotton casing, which enhances both the tire's weight efficiency and comfort. Additionally, the incorporation of the new SMART PRIME compound positions this tire as one of the market leaders in terms of low rolling resistance.

This innovative compound greatly improves grip in various conditions, both dry and wet, and notably reduces rolling resistance. The tire is engineered to be both flexible and shock-absorbing, elevating the overall performance and safety standards. The resilience of the SMART PRIME compound, particularly under high stress, sets it apart from other compounds on the market. Challenge's commitment from the outset has been to cater to cycling enthusiasts, amateurs, and professional athletes by offering a diverse range of top-tier, handmade performance tires.

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  • Challenge Criterium RS TLR Tire balances speed, grip, durability with superior control and shock absorption
  • Handmade with 350tpi Corespun Cotton casing for weight efficiency and comfort
  • Features new SMART PRIME compound for low rolling resistance
  • Compound improves grip in dry and wet conditions, reduces rolling resistance, and maintains properties under stress
  • Targeted at cycling enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals with a range covering Cyclocross, Gravel, and Road disciplines
  • Weight: 225 grams (700x25mm)
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