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As an iconic cycling image, "Strada bianca" refers to the iconic white packed gravel/dirt roads in Tuscany, conjuring images of dust billowing through country vineyards behind a peloton as their tires crunch musically over the hardpack dirt and fine gravel roads. The aptly named Challenge Strada Bianca (formerly called the Eroica-series) perfectly fills that niche and in this 120 tpi Nylon Superlight TLR version, you get a fast rolling, high volume tire that offers grip and hold on uneven surfaces, even when dusty. The alternating medium file tread also holds corners well on wet pavement and along with the casing and higher volume helps smooth out the ride at any speed.

This is your tire for rough roads, packed dirt, and most gravel surfaces and as such, the Tubeless Ready Casing allows you to run lower pressures as needed. An aramid bead keeps a strong, safe hold on hooked tubeless rims, whether you are running tubeless or opting for a tube. The seal is effective thanks to the strength and shape of the bead. Challenge recommends their SMART sealant, though any non-ammonia based sealant will be safe and effective.

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  • New Race series version of the famed Strada Bianca tire
  • Textured tread, high volume road tire for pavement, packed dirt and light gravel roads
  • TLR: can be run tubeless or tubed on appropriately ETRTO sized rims
  • Casing: 120 tpi Nylon Superlight
  • SuperPoly Corraza Armor protection for sidewall and tread zones
  • Aramid bead i strong and durable, holding seal and edge at lower pressures
  • Alternating medium file tread design for grip and traction on uneven dusty surfaces and wet pavement
  • Sizes / Actual Weight / Pressure range:
    • 700x30 / 301g / 45-65psi
    • 700x33 / 346g / 45-65psi
    • 700x36 / 375g / 30-50psi
    • 700x40 / 460g / 30-50psi
  • Color: Black/Brown, Black (as available)
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